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Pred - side effects

I am waiting to be started on xolair and then mepolzumab. I have been on prednisilone since Aug 2015 - I estimate that over that period of time I have been on around 25mg per day.

Has anybody suffered side effects on a similar dosage and period of time? I have put on some weight but that is partly down to me not been able to exercise like I used to.

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I have been on pred since 1991 constantly. My maintenance dose now is 20mg but obviously that changes with how I am. I have put on weight, have thinning skin, muscle wastage, am now diabetic, have osteoporosis, reflux to name a few lol. Every time I have something wrong with me I am met with "it's the steroids" - am thinking of putting it on my headstone. Jokes and worries aside, if I hadn't taken the pred I would be 6 foot under. Good luck, if you can get your asthma under control try gradually titrating steroids down. Prior to being on them 24/7 it took me 2 years to get down from 20mg+ to zero but that was many years ago when I was young and fit. Presently when I raise pred I titrate down 5mg every 5 - 7 days till I get down to 25mg, then take it 1mg at a time from there until I get back to 20mg (do try and get under this but end up with flare up and am back to square one)

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There are serious side affects associated with steroid use - suggest you google it , and keep their use to a minimum !


I would prefer not to take them at all - but they are keeping me alive.


Then you are between a rock and a hard place -


I now have adrenal suppression / / thyroid / testosterone issues and just been told diabetes - all likely due to long term steroid use but as you say we really do not face a choice in taking pred when we are poorly as Bren Viking states.

Since being on xolair I only use pred for flare ups maybe 3 times a year and manage to get off it completely over the summer.

Currently admitted to RBH and start the 40mg pred regime today when they swap from IV hydrocortisone.



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