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Pulmicort Turbohaler - does not seem to emit anything

Hi all,

First, I'm new to the forum so thanks for having me.

I have used many different inhalers in my life but my GP recently prescribed a Pulmicort Turbohaler. When I breathe it in, I feel literally nothing. I presume you should feel/taste something, even if its a very negligible amount. Do these inhalers malfunction periodically? Is there any definitive way to tell if its emitting the dose or not? I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.


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Hi Albert & welcome.

I was on Pulmicort for a while & never tasted or felt anything, but it worked very well for me. I think that's how you know you're getting a proper dose.... it works! If you suck in hard enough you will get the medicine inside of you. I don't think the doctor would have prescribed it for you if he didn't think you could use it properly, so try to give it time & trust it.

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Thanks lakelover. appreciate the feedback. am just surprised that its not possible to determine whether the inhaler works. I am taking something else at the same time so its impossible to me to determine whether the inhaler works, even if symptoms start to improve...


Just for one dose, prime the inhaler but instead of breathing it in bang it hard upside down on to the palm of your other hand. You should see just a few specks of stuff on your hand. That's what you're breathing in. It looks insignificant & that's why you don't feel it or taste it. Good luck!


you're a star. thanks so much!!!!


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