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Positive things

Dear All

while no one likes being where we can find ourselves it isn't all doom and gloom. Now I fully aware that things can be very tough.

My girls can and able cooks ... fish pie and that 4 layered birth cake for my hubbies birthday

Our church family especially my friend who is a nurse. Let me talk about at length about my respiratory appointment.

A post by a friend who works in blood science (Facebook) talking about their work on testing blood. I messaged her and she was very reassuring about when I would get my blood test results

My hubby who has continued to listen to me and sleep on the futon while I ride the effect of insomnia.

Lastly little suggestions or a bigger piece of information that you all have provided a place to go hey what did that mean?

TGi thank God it's Friday roll on the weekend

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Hi elanaoali

It's really great to hear how people in your life support you.

Thanks for sharing,


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I find having a positive mental attitude is a great help ☺

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