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Rough since August

Hi all

Since the middle of August my chest has been tight on and off, some days I'm great and others I'm not so good, even in one day I can go from one extreme to other a few times.

This usually happens twice a year spring/autumn. This is first time started in August and for so long.

Dr told me my chest sounds fine and oxygen levels good.

Has any one else been suffering same problem?

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Hi! Me! Since July I have been really suffering with constant coughing, mucuous and bad sinuses!

I've had anti biotics, steroids and both inhalers and taking anti histamine to no avail!



Not good Moonmoo, I've not had it so bad but now getting really weary with constant roller coaster ,my inhaler has been doubled for 4 weeks but it barely touches how I feel.

Dr just joked about my "infamous chest"

No consolation to you but i feel slightly better in my mind that it's not just me suffering.


My dr said the same 'you're allergic to autumn' what and summer too?! I sound like I smoke a hundred a day and I have never smoked!!!


I'm used to the 3 to 4 weeks twice a year, I just put it down to change of season,although again my doctor looks at me with disdain when I say that.

I'm seeing nurse next week for annual check and can't wait to hear her take on it.im guessing a chest xray coming up shortly. Which I'm also guessing will be clear. Just adding to the infamous chest mystery. I don't sound bad or coughing, I've had catahr on my chest for 3 week but that's more irritating than anything else. I can mainly go about my business as usual but just exhausted thinking and worrying that something more sinister going on.

Sorry if going on but good to let go with another asthma sufferer.


The EXACT same problem! I've had seasonal allergies before (spring), but this time it started in August, got infected, and here it is Nove. 9 and I'm still struggling. (3 rounds of antibiotics, 2 rounds of steroids, an emergency room, chest ex-ray and breathing test later). I wondered if anyone else had this too. (something in the air?) Where do you folks live? I'm in S. California.


Hi utkm, I live in UK, they keep saying diesel vehicles are causing asthmatics problems and I've had this seasonal issue around ten year, which does about coincide with the increase in diesel cars,but that doesn't explain why I get twice a year for around 3 weeks and now earlier and longer.


Yes!!! Me too and for the first time ever. It’s been worse (September was bad, drugs infections viruses) now it’s just lingering on high doses of inhaled stories. I am so over it! Glad I’m not alone though


Hi, sorry to hear you're having problems. My previous asthma nurse reckoned I had an allergy to mould and fungus spores as my flair ups were spring and summer. Thats as well as getting hayfever. She put me on Montelucast tablets which helped enormously. Less chest infections and less mucous. I take anti histamine nasal spray and eye drops too, on and off all year round. This too helps. Try and persist with GP if your chest is feeling tight. You shouldn't have to struggle to breathe.


Hi Anne Cath.

Yes I'm going to be more assertive on Tuesday when see the nurse,I was on Montelucast last year and gave me terrible abdominal pains and very irritable.Spours seem to be a rational explanation which any Doctor I've seen has never suggested could be the reason.


Hi Maxza

Seems to be a common complaint among asthmatics, which until coming onto here I did not realise. Doctors and nurse led me to believe I was on my own with this,with how they reacted when tell them.


I have had a similar problem for about 1 year now. 5 chest infections from Nov 2016 to Feb 2017. I have had all sorts of tests, ct scans, x-rays, breath tests etc. All found no problem with my chest. The consulant thinks it could be my hiatus hernia, with reflux allowing catarrh to come back up. My peak flow is good, 600 average. Since the end of September my coughs and rasping have got worse. I take Montelukast and Sirdupla twice a day. My GP told me today there is nothing more he can do as I am on the highest dose possible for an asthmatic, and that I will just have to put up with these symptoms.


I now feel a slight fraud Gary, out of all replies I seem to have the least symptoms.

I only have tight chest, crazy to say "only have tight chest" but compared to others I'm relatively lucky.


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