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Steroids 😡


Some what anxious this evening over my consultant appointment tomorrow and going back to work after the half term. Have to have a conversation about the future and working etc. I am really hating steroids right now as I’m convinced they are the things making me more anxious about the whole thing. Sorry moan over. Hope everyone is as well as they can be. X

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Good luck with your consultant appointment and going back to work

Thank you x

Steroids certainly give me horrible mood swings, and anxiety. I think that having a lifelong condition, which is difficult to control would make anyone anxious, and when it is the Severe kind of Asthma, and need many courses of steroids, or even a maintenance dose, then the more oral steroids side effects you will experience. I personally feel that not enough attention is paid to the emotional side effects created by the steroids, and we end up on a roller coaster.

Jenzzie18 in reply to WheezyAnne

Your totally right on that one. I feel like no matter how much I try and explain it to people it’s always just brushed off. My husband is a particular culprit of this. So hard. X

Tynie-69 in reply to Jenzzie18

I'll agree with partner not understanding, my wife the same. I'll be hot with central heating on and struggling to breath. When I go into kitchen and open a window I get moaned at for letting the heat out 🙄

I was finally diagnosed with exercise induced asthma last July and was given Symbicort 200 which is a steroid. I had a review a couple of weeks ago and was told my spirometry reading was good but I wasn’t even at the average level of a female adult for taking it if that makes sense. I must stress that before diagnosis I couldn’t hold a conversation without coughing. So... reluctantly I’ve had to up my dose especially as I’ve started running and it’s helping and dramatically improved my lungs but I hate it. I’m not one for meds’ anyway and steer clear of even paracetamol if I can help it you are not alone! Hope the appointment went well! 😄

Jenzzie18 in reply to Jennyb2017

Thank you. Appointment was really helpful I do love my consultant she is so positive without promising the world. I am on oral steroids (prednislone) as well as high dose inhaled steroids in the form of relvar. She has made some suggestions and have many more tests to come to try and figure it all out. Seems I’m a complicated case. X

Hidden in reply to Jenzzie18

Sounds positive Jen..I am on oral steroids as well as inhaled it has helped a lot. Hope you do get some answers and feel better soon x

elanaoali in reply to Jenzzie18

Sounds like you had a good appointment. I have just had my first every asthma consultant appointment and I like mine already. Very clever guy but with good bedside manner makes all the difference. Just hold this thought today asthma uk helpline nurse said respiratory care ie. the job is a tricky job not many want to do it as doctors. So I say you have a good one there. I have more test to come too! We are a puzzle sometimes. God bless.

Jenzzie18 in reply to elanaoali

Yeah my consultant is great and I am so glad she is on my side and working towards a solution. Glad your appointment went well and good luck with the tests x

Jenzzie18 in reply to Jennyb2017

Hope your feeling better. I do wish I could exercise more as I was at one time a gymnast and am a PE teacher but even running 100m at the moment can put me in a&e. Fingers crossed I can get some more answers x

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