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One sided chest pain

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So after posting on here the other day and receiving useful advice (used the expired ventolin for the night and got a new one from the doc the following day) I’m back posting again for (hopefully) some more advice....

I’ve been suffering with a cold for the last few days, and as a result my asthma has flared up - tight chest, hard to catch breath and some wheezing. Over the course of the day the chest pain/tightness has become much more one-sided (left) and is quite painful even just talking now. I have a fairly high pain threshold and can cope with the pain, but just wondered if anyone else has ever experienced anything like this before? Thanks x

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Best ring your doc

I get that. They kept saying my heart is alright. I'm not sure what it is either.

Starveycat is correct - ring your GP, or if it's really bad, go to A&E.

It's actually not uncommon for people with asthma to get serious chest pain, as all that coughing & struggling for breath can pull muscles. But on an internet forum there's no way of knowing for sure what it is, so get it checked as soon as you can, & urgently if necessary

Thanks for your replies - can’t get a docs app until next week but if it gets really bad in the meantime I’ll get an urgent app!

Hope you’re all keeping well x

A family member who suffers from asthma and ended up in A&E with chest tightness and following lots of tests he was told that he had acid reflux. The chest tightness cleared with medication after a few days. Hope this helps

Hi - I get chest pain with my asthma, sometimes from sore muscles and from chest spasms and I'm not always sure what causes them. If you have a new chest pain it is best to get it checked. Can you phone out of hours if you can't get a GP appointment. I often phone surgery and asthma nurse phones me back.

Hope you feel better soon xxx

Hi, sorry to hear you've had this. I also have terrible left sided chest pain at times. I visited the GP this week as I had a sharp intercostal pain with every breath (really not pleasant). I was given co codamol for the pain and told firmly to go back on my steroid (preventer) inhaler twice a day. I'd echo what others have said....get it checked out but don't worry. I think it might happen to a many of us.

Saying that, this is my first post on here as I've been in denial about my asthma for some time and now can't believe I was so rediculous! just thank you for all your posts, it's so helpful to not feel you're on your own. 😊

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