I'm back!

03:49 Good morning everyone.

Well I was in hospital for 12 days longest ever but there were other complications completely apart from my asthma so there you have it I came home on Tuesday evening with a bag full of goodies symbicort montukolast spira vac thing antibiotics etc I am now that walking asthma chemist .haha

the next few days I shall be a resting resting and resting I do not want to go through this again I'm sure if you have been hospitalised can identify with me his me that after the 4th day it becomes very tiresome and frustrtating.those of you who wished me well I think you look after yourself folks, bonfire night is approaching have a great weekend x

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  • Hi Wilmack, glad to hear you are on the mend. Lots of rest!

  • Glad you're out of hospital. Hopefully you will feel better being at home. I think you are right to rest, your body has been through a lot. I hope you are back to normal soon.

  • Thanks kat 23.

    Have a great weekend

  • You too if you can.

  • Good you are out with your chemist bag..Hope it all helps..nice to be home I bet cup of tea, telly and feet up!!


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