‘Flu Inoculations 2017’

I have suffered chronic reactive asthma since the age of 5 am now 60 (my lungs have been further damaged by chronic exposure to Crop Spray Drift Pesticide called “Roundup” - BEWARE if you live near Crop spraying and have an existing lung or indeed heart condition)

My question is l have today had my annual “flu shot” how many of you have had any reactions to this who suffer asthma? I ask because l am hearing that some people have. The medical profession deny this vehemently and say it could not happen because it is not a “live vaccine”

So, how then within 6 hours did l feel the need to “step up” from my Ventolin inhaler to my nebuliser? Anyone else affected? Love to hear any comments please. Thank you! 💕 Chloe

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  • I would love a few if you to read my first post and l would really value your thoughts! 💕 Chloe

  • Hi, My 3 children and I all had the vaccine in September and have all had sore throats and been chesty, needing extra reliever inhalers since then. Mostly during the night and first thing in the morning. I have had the vaccine annually for at least 17 years and have never felt any effects before.

  • The official line at our surgery is that it will not give you flue, but can give flue like symptoms, my experience is that if you have any sort of cold starting it will amplify the cold. One nurse used to ask if I had any symptoms before giving the injection.

  • Thanks Gareth for that! At least you appear to be registered at a responsible surgery! Mine don’t ask questions, prescribe even heart medication over the phone! Which is why l asked the question on here! Thank you again! 😊👍

  • I have the flu jab every year. One year, my hushand caught proper flu and was in bed flat out for a week. I looked after him and didn't catch it. Absolutely no side effects this year apart from a slight twinge in my arm.

  • Thank you for that Sheila. It is such a shame that we have to take so many pharmaceuticals and inoculations now. I think “we” were a stronger people years ago but we are not exposed to same bugs and germs that helped us build up our immunity. 😊👍

  • Look into getting your vitamin D levels checked, Chloe 57. Vitamin D3 is known to help some asthmatics.

    85% 0f people in UK are low or deficient in their vitamin D blood levels.

  • Thank you for that information. I do take Vitamin D supplements because l have been bedridden for a long while with the drafted Pesticides and not spending enough time in the great outdoors which l love. Must check though that it is a specific D3 supplement. Thank you! 😊👍

  • vitamindcouncil.com for up to date info on vitamin D, vitamin D blood levels and safe dosing.

  • Whilst it's true that many people in the UK are low in vitamin D it's important to get your levels checked before going on supplements. Having too much vitamin D can cause problems too.

  • I ask my doctor to do a blood test to my son of 4 an half ,to see if is immune system is low and check vitamin d and he says is to young to do ...

  • My local surgery will not give a flu shot to anyone who is still displaying symptoms of a viral infection. My flu jab this year has been delayed due to the fact that I went down with a viral infection at the end of September which left me with a lingering cough. When I ran up to enquire about the jab I was warned that the nurses would want me clear of symptoms for around two weeks before they would let me have it.

    Inevitably the situation will arise when you might be brewing a viral infection but are not displaying symptoms, and have the jab not realising that an infection is present. In that situation it would be easy to assume that the jab caused the problem when the symptoms become obvious a day or so later.

    As someone else has pointed out, I've also been told that in some cases the jab can cause mild flu like symptoms. That has happened to me once only. Other than that the worst I've had is a sore arm for a few days.

  • I have a serious, rare autoinflammatory condition as well as severe asthma. It unfortunately means that I am on high dose immunosuppressive medication ad well as steroids and biologics. I have had the flu vaccine every year and will continue to do so. The adult vaccine is not live and it is impossible to give anybody flu. Influenza can become life threatening for those of us with severe asthma or other severe, chronic, health problems. It takes 10 days from vaccination until you are "fully immune" and it is good practice for staff to make sure you are "well"on the day of injection. There does seem to be more concern around the children's version this year, although, it is very safe and poses very low risk to us as it is not "live" in the same way some of the other childhood vaccines are and, coming in to contact with a child who has received the vaccine, is far less dangerous than coming in to contact and contracting flu. I understand it's personal choice and we should all do what we believe is right for us, so long as people are given the right information on which to base that decision.

  • Excellent and well balanced reply. Lots of information, thank you. I always have the flu vaccination every year regardless, even if it put me in bed for a few days the risks are too high for anyone to get flu who has any compromised breathing l entirely agree. Thanks for sharing that! Chloe😊👍

  • I have had the flu jab for the last 20 years now with being an asthmatic and a diabetic and I have never got cold or the flu after it, the only symptoms I sometimes get is a painful arm around the injection point for a couple of days but this doesn’t happen every year. I suspect it’s with the flu jab changing every year slightly. I think these people who say they catch the flu can talk themselves into a cold so there body reacts accordingly. It also could be that there actually scared of needles and make an excuse why they don’t have. I have had the flu twice in my life time so far and even though it’s being not as bad as it would have being because I had the flu jab, I would recommend all people have the jab because flu isn’t nice.

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