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Septum correction Surgery which removed vital Turbinates and internal nasal tissue...onset of fix (aka ENS) - NEW HERE

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Hi, Jim Here...on/off asmatic since childhood, then it went in teenage but deviated septum. Attempted septum nasal correction surgery, how I regreat, a warning, they messed up, butchery...I have reseached for a decade, no fix, GPs/Consultants don't want to know...bad surgery outcome, turbinates/cilla damanged...anyone else as it is rare, onset can be 5+ years after surgery. Surgons are now more aware of the purpose of Turninates and it's a problem associated with pre 2000 ops I think but make sure you discuss if yours considering messing with your nasal breathing...bummer for me, I just manage the asthma and life goes on.

I'm curious if anyone else has had a same expericance...

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Sounds awful. Glad it’s not me. Have got several ENT issues (including loss of sense of smell that only comes back after several days ofHigh Dose Oral Steroids). Keep hesitating over an offer of Surgery, as gather it only helps for a while. Hope things improve for you.

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Cheers Matman, Back in the 90s there was a lot of Suptum surgery done like butchery. Now they know better, at least the proper ENTs. Choose your surgon careful. That experiance has left be never to let a surgeon in there again...leave nature alone, I know now.

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