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Not sure if I’m writing in the right place but I’m not feeling so great feeling SOB wheezy and tight chested, had my flu jab yesterday have brittle asthma and have just spent the whole month in hospital in and out of intensive care during that admission and was diagnosed with bilateral segmental pulmonary embolisms which are being treated with rivaroxaban don’t want to go back in got a 6 yr old son who is suffered enough time me not being here at home any advice

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I don't have any advice sorry but just wanted to send a hug, so hard, especially leaving a child at home. X

Much, much sympathy. I can only suggest that you find out all you can about your condition so you feel that you have some control over what is happening to you. If you need psychological support - and many do with their suffering - ask for it. Insist on it if you have to, from the professionals as well as family and friends.

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