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Defining the odds

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Lets us as a community stop claiming a sickness as our own. I stop claiming asthma years ago but o instead renewed my mind through meditation. Each moment of my day I put in my thoughts " I am great". I breathe calmly appreciating each breath until I knew the bacteria ceased. What you see in your dreams of though is what you come to believe. What you believe is what you create. What you create is what you become.

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Wow. Just wow. If only I had the 'meditative powers' to cure all my ills like you can. God bless x

You do. I am not different than you. As I mentioned, you must have faith. Don't look at God as a religion but as the creator. People tend to use God for Marriages and funerals but last I check he said " your faith has healed you". As I mentioned, Meditative breathing works but only if you believe in yourseft. As Micheal mentioned keep using your inhaler. Only you will know in your spirit if your are coming to a point that you will no longer need this. Let know one tell you different. I am not here to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, I am only here to share with you what worked for me.

Meanwhile, please do keep using your inhaler. Asthma isn't a condition caused by bacteria - if our bacteria went away, so would we (though imbalance in our microbiota in general may have an impact - we just don't understand enough yet e.g. There is some evidence that medititation is a useful aid in self-management ( and it's certainly a key part of managing my own long-term condition. But please do up to date with the meds!

Never tried meditation, but I think depending on the severity of your symptoms you can use a similar approach to pain management where you don’t dwell on the pain or symptoms, putting them to the back of you mind

There will always be a difference of opinion from holistic medicine and traditional medicine. I respect this forum and the creator of it for allowing me to voice what I feel helps. Many people don't realize that our mind and thoughts control much of our body. Some can't fathom this so this will make the process of self healing difficult. You can take medicine, use inhalers or what ever the doctor prescribes and continue to meditate. Only you know your body and God. Meditation will heal the mind and remove fears and stress. If our immune system is attacked, I feel that stress is one of the reason. Improper diet and bad breathing habits. Again, I will never tell you to stop taking medication but only to renew your thinking.

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