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Eosinophilc asthma earache and toothache

I was diagnosed with eosinophilc asthma in August - I am waiting for mepolizumab. I have also been suffering with earache in both ears, toothache and what I thought was GERD - I blamed my inhalers for this, however omeprazole and gaviscon did not ease things.

Some research has revealed that the earache could potentially be a serious issue and my hearing could be at risk due to the elevated eosinophils- the reflux like symptoms are also due to the eosinophils.

Anybody else had similar symptoms? I have let the hospital know who are treating me, I dont feel there is much point in letting my GP know because they did'nt have a clue about eosiniphilic asthma.

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I also have eosinophilia asthma and am waiting for mepolizumab in Wythenahawe .

I have lots of symptoms - leg, back, feet and hands pain, sinusitis ( the toothache could be because of inflamed sinuses ) ,reduced hearing, eye floaters and itchiness which are probably caused by elevated eosinophils as some of them disappear for a short period of time after a course of prednisone

I also feel more breathless after meals which can be caused by reflux - but oral steroids don't help for that

My Gp doesn't have a clue about eosinophils either , I only asked them once for a blood test and they said that I had double to what I usually have and this is normal - the asthma clinic almost referred me for an open lung biopsy( major op) after that !


I (apparently) have Eosinophilic Asthma too. Treatment at present being 200/6 Fostair (4 Puffs a Day - maximum allowed inhaled Steroid / LABA dose) + Montelukast + Avamys Nasal Spray.

Typical Eosinophilic Profile e.g. Elevated Blood Eosinophils + High FeNO + Rhinitis + Nasal Polyps + Intermittent Mild Earache. (Doc scarred me originally as COPD was mentioned, but - apparently - Eosinophilic Asthma often produces similar Spirometry Readings as COPD, and Medics can confuse the two).

I get a fair bit of early morning chest Mucus too, either from overnight Post Nasal Drip or (possibly) partly from the Inhaled Meds which - it seems - can sometimes increase Mucus, if simply as a result of the expectorant effect of opening your airways. (Also cough and produce Mucus shortly after taking Meds AM and PM).

Came across a scholarly article recently saying that even phenotyping Asthma into categories (e.g. Eosinophilic) is an imprecise science as, very often, an Individuals Asthma cannot so easily be narrowed down to such labels.

I qualify for sinus and polyp surgery (per MRI and CT Scans) but - as that surgery is often just a temporary fix - I'm still waying up the pros and cons.

Loss of sense of smell is an issue for me that adds to the persuasiveness of the surgery option. Be aware that it can become part of the symptom group if you get the polyps.

Have you had confirmation of Eosinophils by way of forced Sputum testing? The Blood Eosinophils alone are, apparently, not always entirely reliable, as some research has shown that blood tests for a patient taken several times a day can produce wildly different Eosinophils Counts.

Although the various Mabs are touted as 'the way to go' they by no means guarantee success and (seems from much I've read) that often patients are still using them alongside oral steroids (which might be more responsible for relief than the Mabs).

Still, lots of new Mabs in the pipeline providing NICE authorise their use (they cost a fortune per patient).


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