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I'm new!

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Hi there!

So I had childhood asthma which I grew out of, now at 32, I have been diagnosed again after it came out of no where in June - likely alongside hay fever!

Anyway, I'm struggling to get it under control and gave so much phlegm. I am taking only 100 mg clenil 2 puffs x daily and have finished a course of oral steroid (5 days 40mg pred) and anti biotics as sinuses weee bad too - they think allergy related but god knows what too?!

Anywa, after the steroids and anti biotics I fekg70% better and stupidly ran out of clebik for 3 days and have had decorating Don's in the house / still going and I am back to square one - does anyone else find no clenil for a few days and / or paint fumes plays havoc? I'm so upset as really felt better. The phlegm was under control and now back with a vengeance and night time coughing horrendous.

Help!!! Advice!!

Thank you xx

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People have different triggers, but paint fumes can be a great difficulty. Once this condition is established you have to take the inhalers regularly, and order repeat prescriptions in good time. Be aware of the things you can do and the things you can't. If you push yourself too far, you'll be ill, but don't be an invalid - you need to be as physcially fit as you can be.

If you cough at night, try having extra pillows so you are more or less sitting up. Drink water as it helps to thin the phlegm and have a window open. If the paint fumes are still an issue, see if you can stay somewhere else for a few days and look up low odour paint.

If you are worn out with all this, go back to your GP and see what else you can do.

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