Looking for people's stories with winter triggers

Hi all,

With the change in weather and the winter coming, we are wondering if any of you have any stories of extreme flare ups or asthma attacks triggered by cold weather which you might want to share with us? Perhaps you’ve had an attack on a ski slope, or found yourself struggling in the bitter winter air. We spoke with one lady who experienced an attack when she left a hot nightclub and walked outside into the cold – do you have any stories similar? We'd like to write something up on our website.

Feel free to PM or drop me a line on aghosh@asthma.org.uk



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  • Cold air has always been a trigger for me. I completely recognise the feeling of icy cold air making me feel immediately wheezy. Nor do I need a ski slope; a good icy blast of Pennine wind in my back garden works just as well!

  • I can completely identify with that. Cold air is the only trigger that I have managed to find so far.

  • Like the other threads, I only need to go out in cold weather for me to get symptoms. I constantly have to wear a scarf to go anywhere. This is a really strange thing but I always stand at the door to wave my daughter off to school in the morning but when it gets cold I have to wave at her through the window as just a few moments in the cold air will set me off. I know it doesn't sound like much of a problem but the fact that I can't even do a minute at the door is very frustrating.

  • Hi nellysasthma, Taztarr and Minushabens

    Thanks for sharing. Would you be happy to chat on the phone about your cold weather experiences a bit further? If so, please feel to PM me or drop my colleague Bryony a line she's bhopkins@asthma.org.uk



  • Happy to help I'm a PE teacher so struggle with cold air on my chest whilst teaching outside. X

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