Asthma in children

My daughter is 9 and is struggling with her asthma. She finds the whole thing really frustrating which means sometimes taking medication seems a massive chore to her. We are honest about how severe asthma can be to ensure she understands why she needs the medication but can anyone recommend child friendly apps or resources which would make things seem more fun?

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  • Hi Moos_mumma

    Sorry to hear your daughter is struggling with her asthma. It's great you are honest about the seriousness of asthma. There's some information on our site and a quiz you could do together.

    I've asked our nursing team here at Asthma UK and we've done a bit of research and found these apps that may be useful in motivating your daughter (but we don't have clinical background on them so wouldn't be able to say for sure they could have an impact:

    Iggy and the Inhalers: and and Floot (from Helix Centre at Imperial College).

    Do give our nurse team a call as they have lots of experience in helping parents and children take medication, they can be reached on 0300 222 5800 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm)



  • Will def do the quiz together and have a look at the apps. Thanks for taking the time to reply

  • Maybe you or she could find some more children who also have asthma. It can feel very lonely if you think you're the only one suffering, and if other children have theirs under control, she probably won't know that they also take the inhalers and other meds. You can't ask the teacher as that info is confidential, but other mums in the playground might know.

  • Thanks, we know a few who have asthma but none that seem to have to take as much medication and have as many hospital trips as her. I totally agree though with what ur saying and think it would help so will keep asking around.

  • Hi, I can completely relate to how you are feeling at the moment.

    My son is 8 and has asthma and quite often I don’t think he realises just how serious it is.

    We ordered an asthma pack from asthma and it includes a calendar to make notes and includes stickers, I think it is going to be very useful to note when he’s having bad symptoms and also to take along to check ups! It really has been an invaluable resource and every night he asks me if it’s time to fill in the information!

    Also I downloaded the app Wizdy kids and he enjoys this too.


  • Thanks for this I will see if I can order one of these too.

  • Just give Asthma UK a call and ask for a child’s resource pack, I’m sure that’s what I asked for. Received it in 2 days xx

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