Coughing !!!!

Hi all

Hoping someone can give me a little advice ... I had 3 horrendous episodes of coughing yesterday ( how my asthma presents) eventually had an ipratropium neb at work and a visit to the GP and I have 7 days of 40mg Pred. Following theses episodes over the last 18mths with numerous hospital admissions and mixed diagnosis of VCD and asthma ( very confused with the whole thing) came of Fostair .. went back on it 10days ago at Respiratory nurse advice as hadn’t been feeling quite right for some time.. All good until yesterday ... although I never wheeze with the episodes I cough continuously which is relieved short term by ventolin inhaler ... today although I feel brighter my chest feels heavy and I’m aware of my breathing and still a little SOB on movement !!! Does anyone else feel like this following an episode ... it’s possible my chest is just tired but I’ve never asked if this is how others feel after their asthma exacerbation ?? I’ve had so many diagnosis and the DR and specialist are always focusing on an accident I had 2yrs ago as the cause (stress apparently) although diagnosed a year previously following a virus !! Stress is a factor in asthma exacerbation I know but I couldn’t be more chilled at the moment ... tired maybe with a new puppy in the house but not stressed ..! It’s taken me 10 mths to get back to the job I love due to these events and I don’t want a repeat process again !!!

Any advice regarding similar symptoms would be really appreciated..

thank you xx

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  • Hey there,

    First of all sorry about this and I hope you feel better soon!

    What you describe sounds a bit like asthma also presents with a lot of coughing but no wheezing usually and I also had mixed diagnosis of asthma/VCD/"It's just stress". My advice would be to get a doctor to do some more lung function tests, X rays etc.

    Sometimes, it could be that something in your spine is blocked, so seeing a doctor for that might be worth a try especially if you feel tight but Ventolin doesn't bring the desired relief.

    I hope you will feel better soon!

  • Thank you .. I’ve got to contact the consultant in London next week for the follow up I never received !! Just dreading going through the same processes again .. fed up with spending the last 18mths with “stress” diagnosis makes you feel stressed just thinking about it 😂😂😂.. you easy an answer these days !! I know when I don’t feel well but get to scared to deal with it as fed up with the response from the medical world (I work in this world which makes it more frustrating ) ... I cope with the VCD well - piece of cake compared with the asthma - no symptoms related to that fir 6mths so relieved I got that in check and am aware of it - just can’t make them hear it’s different !! Ah well onwards and upward !! Thank you fir your reply .. much appreciated xxx

  • You are welcome!

    Sometimes I really feel that "stress" is the new universal diagnosis for when doctors are unsure what is wrong with you. Especially when you appear "young and healthy" otherwise (I am 17 so I hear that a lot...). And I agree-hearing that it's just stress makes you even more stressed! Once a doctor told me that relating to a constant headache following a concussion-and what I told him was "Sir, imagine if you had a headache constantly and people would not believe you-you would be stressed as well" and I guess that made him think (because after I said that he immediately agreed to run more tests). Just don't give up and be persistent, even though it might mean seeing multiple doctors and being disappointed a few times.

    Good luck with dealing with the medical world once again!

  • Thank you ... you have a very screwed on head for 17 and I like your approach to the medical world ... I’m a paramedic so hear my experiences all the time .. it’s a different story when it’s yourself .. I’m just grateful my colleagues see my symptoms and deal with it quickly -although I’m a bad patient !!!!!! 😂😂😂

    I’m going to keep plugging away !!!!

    Thank you x

  • I have had asthma all my life and the last time I was I the hospital, the consultant tried to say that my asthma was caused by anxiety. Fortunately my new consultant says that it is a combination of reflux and post nasal drip! Don't let them fob you off with the stress/anxiety explanation. It doesn't address what has caused the asthma to exacerbate in the first place. Good luck.

  • Thank you .. I will keep fighting it .... I just want the right treatment !!! My diagnosis came after a lung function test following my viral infection .... all my subsequent ones have been whilst I’ve been on inhalers and steroids.. would this make a difference to the results ??

  • That I don't know. My lung function tests are usually good. I have a really good peak flow, apparently because I used to play the Flugal Horn in the marching band. However, I still have asthma. I'm not sure how the lung function tests work really. I am having another one in January so will see how it goes.

  • Sounds like me but because I don’t wheeze and I have good peak flows and Kung function are good they are disputing the diagnosis !!! It’s a minefield ... when I usually see the GP I’m usually unable to complete sentences and therefore it’s hard to talk about it all ..! My colleagues see me like it and act in it quickly as they see the respiratory distress .. maybe I need to film it and see a gp when I’m well !!! Not a good solution as I know his pressured the services are !!! Thank you for you advice x

  • Good idea. It is hard because asthma is so variable. It would be good if they could develop a blood test that would actually help tailor asthma treatment to the patient, but I think they are still working on it.

  • 👍

  • Hi. Curious what you take for reflux? I've been on rx omeprazole for a month and no hwko

  • Hi. Was curious what you take for reflux? I'm taking an rx for 30 days, but haven't felt better yet.

  • I was told I may have silent reflux so on omeprazole for a year now with no changes to my asthma so have stopped it !!!! But maybe after the last few weeks I need to go back on it .. I’ll see if I continue to be ok in just fostair before I add anything else .. process of elimination !!

  • I took a pen, removed all its guts, glued inside a piece of bamboo skewer, then with a dropper wicked a couple drops of pure eucalyptus oil down the bamboo. Then gently inhale throughout the day, like a cigarette. Could be my imagination, but not only is it soothing, it seems to calm everything down permanently. 3 days now, no inhaler; just Euc. vapors.

    I don't know what made me do this. It's like my body made this thing, not my brain. I was craving this oil for some reason.

  • Recently recovered from similar symptoms. Had xrays and CT scans to eliminate Cancer and others when I started to cough blood, which were thankfully clear. Reflux was mentioned but I already take Omeprazole. Post nasal drip mentioned but I wasn't convinced. Course of antibiotics then Steroids made no difference. Medication review suggested Ramipril could be the culprit. I was taken of this drug as it wasn't helping my Blood Pressure anyway. No cough since! Look at all the leaflets for all medication you take and see if any suggest coughing as a possible side effect. Hope you get this sorted soon.

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