Hi everyone.

I have just come from my GP who added the above med to what I have already which is Seretide Bricanyl and Montelukast. I have been on antibiotics for the last six weeks and wonder if anybody else takes this pill and how they have found it. He said my lungs are clear but I can blow out a definite wheeze plus I have thick green phlegm He is sending me for breathing exercises but tells me it takes 18 months to see an Asthma Consultant at my local hospital (Ayr) So my question is did this new med help? to get rid of the wheezy tight chest and by the way he didn't put me on waiting list.

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  • Thanks for your reply I have just read other posts about this drug and its side effects. I have taken 1 200mg and will take another before I go to bed. I was saying to one of my friends that the past few weeks have reminded me of my asthma when I was seven now early seventies so have only need inhalers all this time. Hope this is now a sign of going backwards and this drug really helps me without too much of the evil side affects. At least no family that relies on me now if I do have the dreaded nausea etc. Seems to subside in a couple of weeks so fingers crossed.

  • I am on this drug at 400 and have been so for some time, without any side effects, all drugs carry a risk, if they ease your asthma, just take them

  • PS every year my asthma nurse takes a gallon of blood and sends it off for analysis, (I think she is a vampire actually)

  • Thanks for your reply I laughed at the blood thing as I have been getting blood taken since last November to see why my blood count was low. It is alright now but seems to be to eat a lot of red meat where I prefer chicken and fish. Now thats sorted I hope this new drug, for me, works. It is so depressing when you lay out the drugs but hay ho Hope you are well.

  • I was on this but I had to come off due to side effects.

    It's a great drug for your asthma just some people don't react well to it.

    I had headache, nausea, insomnia and ankle swelling

    It didn't settle so unfortunately I had to stop taking it.

    Worked wonders for my asthma though

  • Hopefully I don't have the side effects I was warned to watch out for them so here's hoping this works for me as thought the monteklast was the answer I started off well on that but it doesn't seem to do the same for me now Or maybe Its the case of trial and error. Another one to add to my depressing pile. Hope you are well.

  • Hi ...... I’ve been on 400mg twice daily for many years . With little or no issues/side affects apart from the occasional head ach

  • Thanks for that I hope it works for me as well. I don't mind taken yet another pill if it helps. Hope you are well.

  • I cannot comment on the drug you have been prescribed, but definitely would have your sputum sample send off to the lab as it seems to me that the antibiotics you were in were not addressing the bacterial infection you seem to continue having hence in my opinion the chest tightness etc. The steroid inhalers often can make people prone to bacterial chest infections - as it was in my case enemy though my lungs sounded clear.... all the best!

  • My phlegm was tested a few months ago and although it was green it came back from the lab that it had no bugs so my Doctor was quite happy with that. I just hope that this new pill gets rid of it. Here's hoping. Hope you are well.

  • I’m just managing somehow; currently fighting off a bad cold in the top of my usual. I have been on azithromycine, carbocystine and Qvar and ventolin and this is so mucus constantly building up in my airways after bacterial chest infection 2 years ago ; along with chronic inflammation , swelling and deep airways obstruction.Mine is not a typical treatment for asthma but rather for symptoms which resemble asthma to a point. What I have has more like COPD; even though I have never smoked.

  • Hi Thanks for replying. I am so sorry to hear you are also having such a bad time. I was recently also tested for COPD and have been told that I am borderline Asthma COPD. i haven't' heard of any of your meds apart from ventolin but they sometimes come under other names. Unless I get this mucas under a lesser amount I am going to keeping returning to my surgery until I am sure that they cannot do anything about it as like you I only started having this about 18 months ago. and have always thought it would disappear the way it came. I will see what I am like when I have finished my antibiotic with this new drug. It's good we have this site to vent but I hope you are feeling better soon. PS i have never smoked either but until it was banned publicly it was hard to avoid. x

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