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New Oct Research Supports Vit D Asthma Benefits

A while ago earlier claims that Vit D could help with Asthma were disputed by subsequent Research. Now there's fresh evidence from a solid source that Vit D could significantly contribute to reduced Steroid Dependency and could half emergency hospital visits.

UK Press (including the Mail, Sun and Telegraph) have covered the Story this week (Oct 2017).

Apparently, at present, the news is most relevant to mild to moderate Suffers as Severe Suffers were under-represented in the Research. Howver, that doesn't necessarily mean that Severe Sufferers won't also benefit, just that their were too few Severe Suffers in the group covered by the Research.

I for one will be grabbing some more rays and popping Vit D pills once every day or two this winter when there's less sunshine about.

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Hi, there was a programme on the TV last week (Save Money Good Health ITV) which looked at whether or not taking vitamins would help against seasonal colds. The upshot was that they don't with the exception of vitamin D which helps boost the immune system. My ears pricked up at this as asthma is an immune system problem and colds and infection can also so easily trigger asthma. Normally we all get enough vitamin D from the sun but this is obviously lacking in winter so taking a supplement just seems like common sense. Something I'll be doing this year.


Hi all,

Our in-house GP Dr Andy Whittamore has some more information on the study mentioned on the thread. It looked at a set of different studies looking at whether adding vitamin D supplements can reduce asthma exacerbations.

There was evidence that adding vitamin D supplements reduces the number of people needing steroid tablets for their exacerbation.

There wasn't enough evidence (and this may be due to the sample size) to suggest that people with already low vitamin D levels would benefit more than others however the largest effect from vitamin D supplementation was seen in people with a low level of vitamin D so more research is being done to get a clear answer.

NHS website advice on doses


He would suggest speaking to pharmacist, GP or nurse to discuss whether vitamin D is right for you to get advice on the best preparation for them.

Hope that helps,



In Malta for 6 weeks and have halved by medication in the sunshine!

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I have really increased my vitamin D since taking supplements. It helps with osteopenia which I have now. And I am on steroids. So it helps.


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