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Sons breathing trouble.

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Hi, my 13 year old son has had quiet a bad cold it started at the end of last week and still has a blocked nose, with lots of phlegm in his throat, he has also had a bad cough, it's like a dry chesty cough. Which has got worse throughout the days when it has been really cold and windy causing him to struggle to get his breath.

He did p.e at school yesterday and he did running, he is very skinny fit and healthy and could usually run and run, but he said he ran around for about 5 minutes and he had to sit out, to catch his breth and said it was painful to breath and his chest felt a little tight, his heart has also been bearing faster than usual, I looked it up and it says things such as asthma can cause fast heart beats, but he has never had any breathing trouble till his cold.

Could it be asthma he has and not a cold or could it be a cold which has set him of with asthma, , or does it sound like a chest infection, I'm not really sure.

He is currently sat near me and I have just asked him, his chest feels a little tight and he is breathing quiet loud, but he is not struggling to breath, as I have told him to take it easy and to sit still just for tonight to stop him from setting anything off.

I am just quiet concerned about him, I am going to take him to the doctors tomorrow, or does it sound like to some people that it will just go away.

I would be greatfull If someone could help,

Thank You

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Hi sorry to hear this. Is your son coughing up coloured mucus? If so it is probably a chest infection. If not and he doesn't feel really ill then it's probably just a cold. It's unlikely to be asthma unless he has a previous history. x

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Hi, No he isn't coughing any thing up , I was just concerned by the way he was breathing, I will see how he goes and hopefully will get better.

Will keep updated Thank you

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Yes let us know how he gets on at the doctors please. x

I will. X

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