Current cold virus

Anyone else struggling with the nasty cold virus going around at the moment? Currently nearly 3 weeks for me without being able to breathe ok.

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  • I don't know if it's the same one, but I've certainly had a viral infection which has resulted in a very persistent cough. I went down with it eleven days ago. It started with hoarseness, followed by headaches, painful sinuses, and coughing. There has been very little in the way of sneezing.

    At the moment my asthma is still relatively controlled. My peak flow has dropped, but only by five percent but I am on a higher dose of meds than would be the norm for me at this time of year in order to keep it there.

    There is definitely something quite nasty going round. I have family members and friends in other parts of the country who have reported very similar symptoms. Fortunately, none of them who have gone down with it are asthmatic.

  • Definitely nasty, one 999 call so far plus nebs at doctors, preds and now two types of antibiotic.

  • Oh- poor you! Hope the additional meds help to calm things down.

    Take care!

  • Yes, quite possibly the same virus. Started as a sore windpipe feeling, quickly triggered my asthma within 24 hours, and I knew I would need extra help. Increased doses of Symbicort and prednisolone of course. Then usual cold symptoms, snotty nose etc, which seems to last forever (10 days and counting), lots of coughing. No proper chest infection detected. Now on second 5 day lot of prednisolone. My pf stubbornly sticks between 60% and 80%. 80% only very occasionally. I can see myself needing another course of prednisolone, but not due quite yet. It all just seems to go on and on and I am going stir crazy!

  • I have it - achoo achoo achoo and painful sinuses. Asthma has only given one 3am muff so far but I am waiting for more.

  • Yes six weeks in with antibiotics and steroids I’m not feeling any better my family have had enough 🤗 I feel as weak as a kitten today don’t know what else to do. I even tried vick on the soles of my feet with socks on last night I’m so new to asthma I don’t know how much that is involved?

  • Are you OK with Olbas Oil? I was putting a few drops of that on either end of my pillow last night as well as having vicks on my chest.

  • Weejenny, I feel your pain and frustration. Last time I felt as weak as a kitten was in 2012!! Even having a shower today sapped the energy out of me!

    Not a pleasant experience! Hope you have a better night!

  • Yes I am ok with olbas oil I think I have some in cupboard I’ll try that tonight thanks for that suggestion Maggie I’m willing to try anything, what I’d do for a nights sleep 🤧 hope you get better too x

  • Thank you, hope you improve soon too.

    What I can't understand is how my hubby hasn't gone down with it. I got this from my cousin; we met up for a meal two and a half weeks ago. She was absolutely fine when we saw her, but texted the following morning to say she had gone down with a nasty infection. Five days later I went down with it. My other half was sitting next to her - did he get it? No. Has he picked it up from me? No. I'd love to know his secret.

    Take care.x

  • It’s so annoying I never got anything until recently I feel like the village hyphocondriac now 😜

    You take care too x

  • One other thing that I find can help: if you have any root ginger in the house and some honey, my favoured drink for viral infections such as this is one teaspoon of grated root ginger with 1 teaspoon of honey popped in a mug and topped with hot water (basically a variation of the honey and lemon drink). Not everyone's taste but I find it quite soothing.

  • Thanks Maggie I keep ginger root in the freezer I will try that but maybe tomorrow night I’ve just made myself a toddy 😀 between that the olbas oil on my pillow vick on my chest and feet (another remedy I was told of) I should sleep like a baby tonight lol 😂 I’ll let you know x

  • Yorkie57 Snap! Been off work for one month now, saw asthma nurse this morning, then doctor, signed off until end Oct.

    Nebs, Preds and inhalers ate part of my daily diet!

    I wish you better very soon.

  • Did it just start as a bad cold like mine?

  • Yes, it did and I thought it was drying up, but sadly, in my case, our Neighbours decided to light the smokiest bonfire, coughing came back, running nose AGAIN and then Asthma kicked in :0(

  • How long have you been on the Preds? I am now on my 4th week of them with little improvement.

  • From what I've heard from friends and family who have been affected by it, the bug that's going round is proving difficult even for some non asthmatics. The cough just seems to linger.

    Take care people.

  • Into my 6th week of chest infection and flare up of asthma. Went to go put on antibiotics and steroids. Improving slowly annoying cough. Putting Vick on chest and feet at night increased my inhalers as prescribed trying to rest in the afternoon.Passing on a bit of advice when I went to Respiratory Consultant

    Be able to say No

    Pace yourself

    Take personal responsibility for your own health

    Don't be a fool for anybody.

    I get anti flu injection every year had not got mine in time stress and not pacing myself aggravate my symptoms.

    I love music it's my Life am going out this evening to play music on a warm environment. It helps me forget about my asthma and relax for a while. Sorry for long post.

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