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GERD or Allergies

Basically I suffer with reflux that triggers asthma and causes me daily problems especially where foods are concerned, particularly tomatoes and chocolate (dark or milk). For the last year or so (especially during my pregnancy) I took a particular liking to dark chocolate kitkat a and milk chocolate digestives. Right away during eating I noticed they made my throat tickle but put it down to them irritating my already damaged throat.

Only now I’m wondering if this could be down to an allergy to chocolate or something else used in both products. It’s gone from giving me a tickle in my throat to causing mild wheezing also though I’ve no other typical allergy symptoms upon eating them. I have an appointment with my doctor soon to reevaluate my reflux/asthma problems but not until Monday and wondering if I should cut out chocolate all together until then to see if there’s a difference.

Anyone with reflux induced asthma and/or allergies that could shed some light it would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi Siash,

Certainly some foods are known to be major triggers for reflux, and foods containing caffeine (which, very sadly, includes chocolate) are amongst them. Do you also have problems with coffee, or is that something you "went off" during pregnancy and haven't got back to drinking yet? If you do have problems with that as well, it might well point to issues with caffeine rather than just chocolate. Tomatoes, which you also mention, is another food which can cause reflux in some people, including myself. I can now have them in moderation, but whenever possible I try to avoid eating the tomato contents (seeds and liquid surrounding them) and have the surrounding flesh only. My stomach seems better able to tolerate that part of them. I have also been checked for food allergies fairly recently ( to try to determine whether some of the issues I was having were allergy related or not). Those I was tested for (about twenty) all came back negative.

There are quite a few of us on this forum who have issues with reflux. I certainly had problems with it through the latter stages of both my pregnancies (not unusual, admitted) though I don't remember it causing many problems with my asthma back then. It did calm down after I had given birth, though I did note that cold roast lamb, or any dish which included re heated cold roast lamb - shepherd's pie for example - could cause heartburn. But I had no significant further problems of note until nine years ago (so sixteen years later). Five years ago I had an increase in asthma type symptoms which turned out to be caused by reflux. The giveaway with me then was the fact that the symptoms always flared up within forty five minutes of eating and drinking (which was atypical for my asthma) whilst my peak flow rate was unaffected. The fact that I also had suspected gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying) as a fairly recent addition to my medical notes was another factor which led the GP to make the silent reflux diagnosis and to treat it accordingly. Turned out he was right.

As far as chocolate is concerned I do have to be very careful with that now after it began to cause reflux problems about four years ago. I found that I adjusted to the fact that I couldn't have and, even better, didn't miss it, much more quickly than expected.

It certainly won't do any harm to cut out chocolate for a few days to see what happens.

Good luck.


Hi Siash I have been going through the same thing since 2015. The Drs. Have been treating for everything asthma, bronchitis , gerd and I found out I have Barretts esophagus and a Hiatal Hernia which reacts to everything you've been eating. I almost died becauseI was being treated for the wrong thing. So talk to your Dr. And make sure they have the correct diagnosis. Many blessings.

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Having developed breathing problems I was diagnosed as having Asthma.Knowing my own body and never smoked I thought,no way especially as I am in my 70s.I was given inhalers taken using an AeroChamber. I was taking Ventolin and Fostair. When I tried taking the Fostair it made me gasp. Very often I would be overcome with a bout of coughing and sick every day.

Then in January this year 2017 I had an Endoscopy which revealed I had a Hiatus Hernia.Gradually over time experimenting with various foods I have felt better over the last three months than the last three years.

Food wise I no longer drink tea,coffee and fizzy drinks.I no longer eat tomatoes,cheese,chocolate, beef curry and anything spicy.However this is a small price to pay.

So I would always say try to arrange an Endoscopy.


Update! I went to the doctor who has prescribed me Omeprazole to take over the course of a month until I get an appointment for an endoscopy that he’s referred me for. Fingers crossed before the end of the year I’ll have some answers.

Even with the meds’ I can no longer eat chocolate, tomatoes or drink fizzy although I still allow myself a cup of tea every now and then for fear of my sanity.

Thank you everyone for the advice you’re all brilliant


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