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Any tips, on avoiding tobacco particles.

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Hi there, Before I start I am not taking away smokers rights; I only want advice on how to best avoid or pre-empt problems with tobacco particles. I developed asthma at 37, wasn't too much of a problem, however sadly 18 months ago, my asthma went berserk. I am on a lot of meds, I now have fibromyalgia as well, as arthritis, and possible osteoporosis. 18 months ago I used to run 1/2 marathons and took part in competitive sport.

I have a few triggers, sadly the worst is smoke, I cannot even stand next to someone in a cue, or be close to a person who has tobacco particles on their clothes. I am no longer go out much, as I keep encountering smokers, I no longer answer my front door, as I have had several delivery men and a man asking for directions, whilst having a smoke. I have to be careful if I walk my dog in a local park, as people seem to want to come and stroke my dog whilst smoking. I ran away from some old woman one day, but when my dog stopped, to do a toilet, she sneaked up on me "of What a lovely dog", blew smoke in my face, an ambulance had to be called. A similar incident occurred, when I got into a lift with a trolley full of shopping, an elderly man decided to light up, I fell and broke my wrist, yet another ambulance was called on this occasion.

I can no longer visit my family, I have had to stop visiting friends.

Is there anything I can buy, to stop this from being such a problem.? I don't want to offend anyone to take away their rights, I only want to walk my dog, go to the shops, without having a massive asthma attack, and not live on a constant knife edge of avoiding smoking. etc, I cannot just move away, even a small whiff of tobacco is enough.

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I was in the same boat as you. I can't go near anyone who smokes or has been smoking. It was by trail and error until I found the only thing that would stop the smoke particles from getting into my lungs and that was a chemical and smoke respirator by 3m. Yes it seems hardcore but it is the only thing that has prevented me from having so many asthma attacks. People laugh at me at first but now I don't care as much. Having brittle asthma is not something people should laugh at. I hope that helps you. Please contact me if you need some more help.

Thank you so much, is this the 3m mask you are referring to?

The one I am referring to is a resperator used by people who spray paint or use chemicals. It is a full vapour and smoke rated resperator by the 3M company. I hope that helps. Asthma Tim.

I relate totally and my heart goes out of both of you. I live in the States and there have been plenty of lawsuits against smokers who smoke in inappropriate spaces. The fact is, according to our American U. S. Constitution, smokers don't have "rights", as they are not a protected class. Smoking is not necessary for the continuance of life, as breathing clean air is.

As for me, I live in a state that is relatively sparsely populated so I have time and space to control, to SOME degree, what second-hand smoke I inhale, while out in public (avoiding the smoker by walking far away from them; requesting that they don't light up in zero tolerance areas, etc.)

My worse fear is having neighbors who share a common wall in the apartment building I live in; right now, all is well, but I have been almost homeless because of neighbor's second-hand smoke.

I do own an anti-pollution mask that I use when there is second-hand smoke coming into my apartment.

My landlord knows I am asthmatic so I've been allowed some

"reasonable accommodations", such as leaving fans in windows even during the winter (and I live in an arctic climate area!)

Here, in the States, we have a number of national and local organizations that actively monitor the damage done to citizens who are subjected to second-hand smoke; they also introduce legislation to protect the Constitutional rights of others to breathe clean air.

Good luck to both of you! I love the UK and hope that the issue somehow gets resolved for the health of your public.

Just for your info I live in Hong Kong as a expat Australian and untill I came here I never had asthma. I contracted a form of bronchitis that my body had no anti bodies to fight it. After I got over that I then was told that I had adult onset asthma. Now 3yrs on my asthma has now been named as brittle asthma type 1.

I use a vitamin/supplement that helps with my respiratory immune-system defense. It is Quercetin with Bromelain.

I have problems with smoke and perfumes both of which drive me indoors. BBQs in the summer, tumble driers going at different times of the day. Windows closed when the farmer sprays his field. It is tough. Even parcels through the post which are "smelly" have to be left out to air off.

I do have a personal ioniser which I wear round my neck and that helps when I go out as long as the smell isn't too overpowering. An air filter in my bedroom helps too. I have a face mask but haven't found one which feels comfortable and works when I am out. Tim's suggestion sounds interesting re 3M respirator.

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