Nebuliser from Lidl?

Nebuliser from Lidl?

I was wondering if anyone else has had one of the Sanitas nebulisers from Lidl [pictured]? I previously had a basic handheld plug-in nebuliser because I use saline nebs if I’m ill at home, but it was kind of a pain to have to hold it to my face for the duration of the treatment.

I was at Lidl today and saw this nebuliser for £22.99 and decided to get it after reading online reviews which were very positive. It seems sturdy, seems like a decent nebuliser..anyone have this?

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  • My dad was telling me about this but I told him not to bother as I'm not prescribed any nebs, I would be interested to hear how you get on with it as I've read since telling him that, that some people just use them for saline?

  • I will let you know :) I have nebulised saline plenty of times before and while it can’t reduce inflammation like a steroid, or open up your airways like salbutamol, it can really help with mucus clearance especially if you have a chest infection, or if your chest is ‘stuffy’ and you’re struggling to cough up stuff.

  • How do you go about nebulising saline? Just get eg contact lens solution?

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