COPD sufferers advice

I have suffered from copd/emphasema for many years and recently had two bad colds resulting inn my breathing reduced to 200 on my meter, unable to get suitable help from the hospital or doctors I bought myself a nebulizer and a RC CORNET to help me improve my breathing and to get rid of the build up of sputum I have difficulty in coughing up. WOW what a difference the RC CORNET has made. £ times a day for 5 mins and although it was giving me excessive chest pain at first after a couple of months I find I am breathing completely different. If you suffer like me I would recommend you get a RC CORNET and give it a go. I still use every day despite my health has improved and back to normal.

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  • I am pleased to hear this worked for you. I suffer from copd and have never heard or an RC Cornet so I googled it. It seems to me a flutter device would do the same thing but much cheaper?

    It's ok buying a nebuliser but is your doctor willing to supply suitable meds? x

  • I now have saline nebules issued by my doctor for use as and when I need to free up heavily clogged sputum which blocks my breathing. hopfully the cornet may well be the best thing I have had but winter will soon tell me if I get a cold or infection.

  • If it works for you then great. I hope you stay infection free in the winter (and forever!). x

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