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Long term asthma and side effects any ideas

Hi I'm 62 had asthma for over 40 years and find the constant battle between chest infections and weight gain a real problem. Tried all new inhalers but left with chronic headaches.Tirdeness is another problem as well as morning headaches but just drink if I wake during the night to try and make sure I don't have a headache in the morning. Hate having to take steroids every day makes me feel "sad". Got another infection as we speak and sweating buckets lol.

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Hi Gwen30! Have you checked in with your GP or (if you have one) practice nurse about this recently? Hope it's improving a bit by now.


Yes,unfortunately I have a high allergy/sensitivity to perfumes,pollens,detergent and to some medications which makes exploring anything new very haphazard. Life still goes on and so do I.


Like you I am allergic to quite a few things including pollens, perfumes of any sort, plus other chemicals and foods etc. etc...

I use an airfilter in the bedroom. Some nights just putting it on a couple of hours before I go to bed is enough, but sometimes if I wake with tight chest I switch it on. It seems to help with the asthma and sinuses and chemical allergies as well as pollens. (Hepa air filter).

I also find I have to minimise eating chocolate, don't drink red wine, don't eat citrus fruit as they can cause a migraine headache. Do you think it is a sinus headache? I hope you feel better soon. I spoke to the Asthma UK nurse recently when I had to change medication and she was very helpful.

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Thanks for your reply .i have an air purifier in my bedroom as well but I'll keep reading suggestions on this site so nice to know your not alone

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