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severe asthma

hi not sure if I wrote in right bit last night but seen gp yesterday and was put on steroids yesterday 5mins after taking then I had such bad pain in my chest and the ache is still there now waiting for gp ringing me back my asthma has always been bad for the past 20 yrs and on a few diffrent inhalers and tablets for it had a copd test done a while ago which was OK I was getting another nxt week but due to been on steroids I carnt ha e it for another 6 weeks now my chest is a constant rattle but the pain is really bad just not sure if it's my asthma or my costchondiritiscan anyone please help with some advice thank you xxx

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This is something I'd defintely contact our asthma nurses about if you're concerned - asthma.org.uk/advice/resour...

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