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Montelukast - am I the only one??

Who despite suffering from the atopic triad and sometimes severe asthma and allergies has never been prescribed it?

I take singular and ventolin, I also have rescue steroids. For the past three or four years I have suffered sinus congestion and postnatal drip. This results in me regularly losing my voice, and I have a job where I most definitely need it.

I have realised that this all seems to begin on or around 1 September and magically goes away when the clocks go forward.

I got away with it last year, but for the previous two years had several trips to A&E where I was nebulised. This was in the mornings when I wioke up due to phlegm moving down my airway so I could not breathe.

In one of these occasions I had an X-ray and was told I should go to my GP for a medication review, and montelakust was suggested. However I have had two long discussions with my GP who refused on the basis that it was another drug. But then prescribed beconase (is that not also another drug?). I am going back to see another GP in the practice - any ideas folks?

Sorry this is so long!

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My understanding is that Singulair and Montelukast are the same drug by different names?


Singulair is Montelukast. Singulair is the brand name. You should have been prescribed inhaled steroids as well. A preventer inhaler. Beconase is one brand. The next step is a combination inhaler which has a long acting bronchodilator, such as Symbicort or Seretide. (there are others).

If you have bad post nasal drip, try taking an antihistamine through the winter, also I highly recommend Neil Med Nasal Rinsing, you can buy the kit in any good pharmacy.

Also a steroid nasal inhaler, will help too. All of this your doctor should have suggested. The asthma nurses on the Asthma Uk help line are incredibly helpful and you might like to give them a call. Just google Asthma UK.

As far as consultant is concerned try to make sure you see someone who is an asthma/Allergy specialist. Not all consultants are equal.



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Hi - sorry I did not make it clear I have Seretide 125 as well. Thanks for your response.


Hi, I'm asthmatic and also have Emphysema. I take montelukast and can't praise it highly enough. It certainly works for me, just tell your GP you want to give it a try for 3 months x

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Singular and Montelukast are the same drug.

I take it and do well with it. Without it I have to take inhaled steroid and more Ventolin.

I am aware that it does not. Work with everyone.

Do you take an inhal d steroid...a preventer?


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