Hi everyone hope all well been very busy with hospital stuff wrist operation and family stuff so not been around much hope everyone ok my lungs playing up at the moment but no change there go away on 29th so trying to shift it only going to butlins with some of the family and friends for weekend but need the break my arm healing slowly had my op two week today very sore and still got a few stitches in wrist but I b good it's the chest I go to control now but u know me I fight all the way we'll take care and have good safe day x

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  • Morning Tracey. and appologies as not been around much myself but finally seem to be over the hump with my asthma. its been a long haul and something im not used to. Back to Uni today for me but will try to keep up to date on here. Glad your arm is on the mend. and hope you have a fab relaxing holiday you deserve it xx

  • Hi thanks enjoy uni I back rbh Wednesday only for clinic have a great day x

  • Hi, glad to you are getting a break, we all need a change now and again, hope all goes well at rbh. Pam

  • Thanks trying to sort transport out but no luck yet as no one answering phones

  • I hope your chest plays ball, and you have a lovely break.

  • Thanks x

  • I hope your wrist continues to heal well.

    Enjoy Butlins.

  • Thanks off to docs later get these lungs sorted x

  • Hi Tracey hope the op went well I'm going away on the 29th for a girly 3 day 4 nights break in Spain. And yep you guessed peak flow is falling coughing so off to the Drs tomorrow to nip it in the bud. Have a great holiday xx

  • Oh no hope urs goes ok and u can enjoy ur holiday x

  • Hi Tracey,

    I hope your doctor's appointment went well.

  • Not really now on 50mg steroid nebs 2-4!hourly Antibiotics said lungs really wheezy if get any worse got call ambulance not doing well tonight on neb now again I got try and make my rbh appointment wed transport sorted asthma nurse rung me tonight x

  • Tracye, have fun , relax and enjo😘

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