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A&E trips

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I've had two A&E trips this week with my asthma, the last one resulted in four nebulisers, hydrocortisone IV and magnesium IV.

My chest still feels tight, I can't get rid of the ache in my ribs and the cocktail of medications has left me feeling 'spaced out'

I've spoken to an asthma nurse this morning who was brilliant and suggested different medications I can ask my specialist if I can try.

I'm struggling with the emotional affects of the attack and also easing the ache in my ribs. If anyone has any hints/tips, I'd be really grateful.

Thank you

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Hi RD23

Sorry to hear you've recently been hospitalised. It's great you've spoken to an asthma nurse and have an approach for talking to your specialist. You mention the emotional side effects after attack, that's something I'm sure a lot of people will be able to share about their experience recovering and isn't often talked about. Everyone’s different so it’s important to do what’s right for you. It's quite usual to feel tired both physically and emotionally after an asthma attack - you need to give your body some time to recover.

If you've had to take large amounts of reliever medicines this can make some people feel a bit jittery and shaky. It's important to remember that the side effects of reliever medicines don't last.

You might be interested in signing up for our 12 Week Asthma Support Programme asthma.org.uk/advice/asthma...

The programme aims helps to learn about how you think and feel about your asthma, which means they can make positive changes and feel better overall and reduce the risk of an asthma attack.

Talk to one of the asthma nurse specialists on our Helpline for emotional support, as well as advice about your asthma, by calling 0300 222 5800 (9am - 5pm; Mon - Fri).

Take care,



Hi Dita,

Thank you, I will take a look at signing up.

Today was the second time I've phoned and spoken to a nurse and both times they have been really understanding and helpful, so a big thank you to them.


Have you been tested for allergies to see what has caused the attacks I know my trigger is viral colds all 3 times I have been in hospital due to asthma has been started by a cold I have had my medication changed about loads this year so maybe you should speak to you team who look after you to see if there is an emergency plan I have emergency pack at home at all times this consists of steroids 40mg daily for 7 days antibiotics for 7 days and nebules for home I also monitor my peak flow and oxygen levels twice a day because I didn't know I was getting poorly until I needed hospital treatment as I crashed in 15 minutes from breathing to not so I have picked up a pattern from this and I take it to my hospital appointments also because it helps the doctors to see how stable or unstable you really are. Hope this helps xx


Hi Lisa,

Thank you.

I was tested for allergies years ago and I've recently been told I was misdiagnosed with a nut allergy and that my reactions were because I have chronic urticaria and angioedema.

I will definitely ask my specialist though if there's anything that can be done to further identify my triggers.

I've got a management plan based on my peak flow but my peak flow is a weird one! It's always between 450-500 and only ever drops to about 420 when I've got a cold. The only time it dramatically drops is when I have an attack. I'll speak to the specialist though and see if there's another way to manage it that doesn't rely on my peak flow.

Thank you for your advice 🙂


I also monitor my oxygen levels I got the same oxymeter like they put on your finger in hospital or doctors surgery because I am similar apart from I go from 400 to 100 peak flow in 15 minutes I have had to be put on cpap machine to help me breath to save my life and I have been like this another couple of times so I brought an oxymeter and I notice my sats drop before .y peak flow you ca purchase them on Amazon they are only £15 I did it as my asthma is life threatening so I need to try and do all I can to keep an eye on things I also do my temp morning and night I write down what inhalers I have had it makes such a difference I can notice numbers before I get symptoms just a thought hope this helps xx


It does, thank you 😊


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