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Is my child's asthma being taken seriously?

Hi all, resorting to posting to a bunch of strangers to vent my exasperation! Every Autumn/Winter, my son (6yo) suffers regularly from colds. He has viral-induced asthma, so these colds always end up in relentless coughing, vomiting phlegm and days off school. Last year he missed one day every fortnight on average through asthma.

We've seen a specialist a few times in the last couple of years. On each occasion he has done no more than explain use of the spacer or double his preventer dosage. Nothing more than our GP could/would have done.

I asked about prescribing montelukast but the specialist said he didn't "think much of LTRAs".

I feel like we're looking down the barrel of another miserable illness-ridden winter. I feel so sorry for my little boy with his eye-bags and the broken capillaries around his eyes from coughing! I feel like we're not being taken seriously - but then part of me is relieved that no one seems that bothered - does that mean his asthma is not that bad in the scheme of things?

Have any of you been here? If so, what did you do?


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Your GP can prescribe Montelukast, it worked brilliantly for my daughter when she was 5. So I would ask your GP if your son can say give it a 3 month trial. Although sometimes it doesn't work so well for non allergic asthma. I would suggest you call the nurses on the Asthma UK help line. They are brilliant and may be able to give the personal advice that you need.

Hope you manage to sort something out.



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Hi Hidden

Sorry to hear you've been having such a frustrating time especially with winter coming up with your son. I'd suggest giving the Asthma UK specialist nurse team a call as they'll be able to advise you on some steps to take and help you deal with the healthcare team.

Please do give our nurses helpline a call to talk through how you're feeling, you can reach them on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Hope that helps,


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A bunch of strangers with lots of experience of asthma!


The only thing that works for my 4 year old is levolin respules which I administer him via a nebulizer.

He too was subscribed montekloust, varous tonics to expel the mucos and steriod inhalers as well for a whole year we tried all of it BUT still he kept getting his asthma attacks regularly and like your son mine too didn't go to school much.

BUT this year we took him off from that medication and have started using homeopathy, yes he is still getting attacks but not that often and when he gets it I use levolin respules. So things are better now, seems like homeopathy is doing something for him.


It is difficult to know what to suggest beyond the medication here. You could try a different consultant. The breathing exercises you can find on YouTube are good and you should be able to find a physio, at your local hospital, who deals with respiratory issues and who could help. I wonder if part of your son's problem is anxiety. Is he picking up on your worry about him? It is so hard to know with young ones when they are upset, but being off school so often can make being at school stressful. Is he being bullied because of his illness/absence? It is more common than you might think. You need to be sure that his teacher understands asthma and takes it seriously, as some don't. Asthma UK can arrange for a speaker to come to the school and explain the condition to staff on a Training Day or at a staff meeting, if you feel they are not looking after him as well as they might.

Best of luck.


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