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New research on exercise and diet

Hi all,

This might be of interest to some of you. There's been a small study in Denmark that suggests eating well and getting fit found that the diet and exercise combination improved symptom control and quality of life for people with asthma.


This was presented at the big research meeting in Milan (European Respiratory Society International Congress).

If anyone is interested in starting to exercise, there's some information on getting started and managing your asthma here: bit.ly/2reRaUA



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Hi Dita,

Thanks for that. It ties in with what I have found throughout my life. In my experience not only has being fit and eating a healthy diet probably helped my asthma, but I rather suspect it has also given my immune system a boost. Certainly I have found that the more physically fit I am the less susceptible to infections I tend to be. And if I do get one, I tend to recover from it faster.


Hi Dita

Thanx for sharing. Ive just found out that I can't eat or drink anything that produces mucus. So there goes my whole diet! Its terrifying imagining a wheat, gluten, sugar free life style but if I never have to suffer like the past 3 weeks, I'll try it.

Ill soon be able to share whether new diet and exercise works!

Better breathing




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