Have you given up work, changed jobs due to your asthma?

Hi all,

Have you had to give up work, change career or dramatically change your working life, due to asthma? Here at Asthma UK, we're looking for people who fit this description, who'd be willing to share their story with us, to help others.

If that sounds like you, please get in contact on the thread, PM or email me at aghosh@asthma.org.uk and I can tell you more.

I'm not, on this occasion, looking for people whose asthma was caused by work (occupational asthma), rather that your asthma has impacted on your job. I look forward to hearing from you!



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  • I've not changed jobs because of asthma, but my asthma got worse after changing jobs without it being occupational asthma!

  • Hi Gareth57

    Thanks for getting in touch, would you be happy to have a quick chat about your experience with me? Feel free to PM or drop me an email on aghosh@asthma.org.uk and we can arrange a time.


  • I am medically retired, due to my lifelong Atopic. Asthma and infectious. I could help with this.

  • Hi WheezyAnne

    Thanks for replying to the post. Are you happy to have a quick phone call to talk through your experience? Feel free to PM or drop me an email on aghosh@asthma.org.uk to arrange.


  • Will email

  • I sadly chose a career path that pushes my asthma to the limits, sometimes on a daily basis so I know that feeling all to well. It has had a big impact on work. It's the last thing I admit at a Job interview

  • Hi TheOriginalSim

    Sorry to hear that it has a big impact on work. Would you be happy sharing a bit more about what you've experienced either PM'ing me or via email at aghosh@asthma.org.uk



  • Last year my previous employer threatened to dismiss me because of the time I was having off with my asthma. As they only had to make 'reasonable adjustments' I ended up resigning. All is not bad though, I got my current job which I love three days after leaving!

    Would be happy to chat to you about my experience.

  • Hi RD23

    Thanks for replying to the post. Are you ok to PM me or email me on aghosh@asthma.org.uk and share more about your story? It would be great to hear how your new job have accommodated your asthma too.



  • Yes, I had to give up my doctoral thesis.

  • Hi aerotoxic_chris

    Sorry to hear that, if you'd like to share more about your experience, please PM me or email me on aghosh@asthma.org.uk.

    Take care,


  • About to send you an email. Thanks.

  • I am a pe teacher and am currently struggling with work and things due to my asthma turning severe in the last 18 months.

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