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Confused about asthma cough

Hi, think it was three years ago I had pneumonia and I developed a chronic cough which my consultant said was asthma. I was given a blue and brown inhaler. Eventually the cough went away and when I had a review and I was asked when I needed the blue one, I never did.I'vet used the brown one but to be honest I forget and I'm not sure when it needs changing as I can't tell when it's run out. Last time I saw my GP for something else, she said I could 'tail off' using it. Recently I've had a cold and fever and developed a chesty cough. How do I know if it's just a virus or if they're asthma symptoms? I have never had any symptoms apart from chronic cough.

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Hi Pinebunny

Colds can be a trigger for some people. The latest research we have suggests that when people with asthma get a cold or flu, there's a rise in levels of an inflammatory protein in the cells that line the airways.

It sounds like it's worth having an asthma review with your GP or asthma nurse as both blue and brown inhalers do have expiry dates and you can discuss your recent symptoms and make sure your asthma is under control and well managed. If you have any questions, you can give the Asthma UK specialist nurse team a call on our helpline 0300 222 5800 (mon - Fri 9am - 5pm)

Hope that helps,


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