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Evening everyone hope all well had my operation on my wrist on a lot of pain and loads painkillers when I came around after as had a general I was coughing like mad and needed salbutamol but it did settle had oxygen as well for the operation home same day still coughing a bit but ribs all top part of my body hurts so ribs hurt bad when I cough bit chesty but think a lot of it is where I had the tubes put down lungs need to b good got hospital next Tuesday for asthma specialist so if bad he will sort me out hope everyone doing ok take care

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Glad to hear you have had the operation. The pain should diminish as time goes by. Hope chest calms down a bit too, or your Asthma Specialist will sort it.

General anaesthetics can take a while to recover from. Don't be surprised if it takes the best part of a week to get over the general.

I normally ok once I've had a few nebs after general but like he said my lungs been through so much lately and this was just another herdle to go through il get there got to keep going somehow x

Glad things went well. Get better soon love Bernadette 😳 xxx

Tracye, bless your heart ❤️. Hope your pain lets up soon! Do you have any kind of pain cream you could rub on your ribs to ease the soreness? Are you home again ? Rest well sweet friend. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 For you😘

Try and rest and relax. Hope everyone is looking after you as you won't be able to do much at the moment with restricted movement. Is your wrist in plaster?

Glad your okish, and sounds like it went well. Hope everything settles down and you make your appointment next Tuesday.

How's your wrist?

Not to bad but easier but got pin killers topped up big time

I hope they don't interfere with your Asthma. I have just let out a big wheeze and scared my cats. Off for some inhalers.

Pleased you had the operation. I hope your wrist gets better soon.

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