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Hi has anyone experienced back pain between shoulder blades while taking Symbicort 200 ? I seem to be having it quite a lot recently, but I also have inflammation and Costochondritus . Now I'm not sure if it's the inflammation that's causing the pain or the inhaler , I tried the Sybicort 400 ,which my consultant at the chest clinic put me on and the pain increased so dropped down to 200 , its like a burning pain between my shoulders. I have to say I'm not as active as I used to be . Pneumonia caused severe coughing for months last year which resulted in me rushed into hospital not being able to breathe. This resulted in the costochondritus and inflammation. Heat pads help but just wonder if anyone else has had any back pain .

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  • Not only back pain, neck pain and muscle pain in arms and legs

    My GP is sending me to a muscle specialist

  • Thank you for replying, this just sounds like me, I get the pain in my neck too, and headaches. I'm on and off prednisone which causes pain in muscles. I hope you get an answer and you get some ease. I think I might have to go back to the doctor.

  • I get pain in my neck and stiff neck and headaches.

  • i also have costco its awful i have found foam roller and stretches have been helping the pain will be the costco as i have it also and my peak flow is 450 so it cant be the asthma apparently it can take a year to heal i feel the pain with you ! its awful..

  • Thank you Karenc48, yes it is awful, I'm the same my peek flow is usually above normal and my oxygen levels are between 96_98%, I too have had Costco for about a year. It is so painful, can't even lift anything remotely heavier than my handbag sometimes. I will try some stretching and a good idea with the foam roller. I will have a look for one. Hope you have a pain free day

  • also i dont know if this actually is helping or its mind over matter but i have started taking evening primrose oil and drinking lots of milk could be a brain thing but i feel its gotta be good. Slight pain today nothing exceptional and i managed a 5k run last night so pain always worse after excersise .

  • Wow, that's amazing. I have just got some magnesium spray as I take omoprazole too and get lots of cramp, so going to try that. But I have some evening primrose tablets so I'll try that too

  • Yes I have experienced pain within one hour after taking Simbacort every single morning and it finally seems to subside, and it's time for my evening inhales. Most nights I never take it anymore. I used to be up all night with that pain that didn't go away with OTC meds

  • That's very interesting, my mum has has COPD and she doesn't take hers on a night, she doesn't get as much pain as I do.

  • I am supposed to take it 2 inhales each morning AND 2 inhales at bedtime but the pain starts 1 hour after I inhales so I don't take the bedtime. I tried earlier, but the pain never quit so I could sleep. Do you find it does any better than anything else.? I myself would rather they give me back Atrovent.

  • I haven't really tried many inhalers, only pulmicort the brown one, and didn't really have a pain problem then, but I'm on and off prednisone too which I think doesn't help

  • Hi,

    My son has used symbicort from the age of 11 to 13 and he had to take 2 puffs in a morning 2 at dinner only when he was at school amd wanted to play football and 2 puffs at night,until he was recently put on flixotide and serevent, he has never suffered with back pain all the time he used the inhaler.

  • Thanks for your reply, this is interesting as it seems to be a recurring pattern. My pain has been mostly in my right hand side in the middle of my back today, I can't seem to get comfortable with it. It is really annoying as I can breathe fine.

  • Hi, it may be a muscular pain caused due to deep inhalation when you take Symbicort. Or it may be an infection in the lungs. You may go for a chest X-ray to eliminate any doubts about infection. I hope it is only a muscular pain, so cheer up. Hope you get well very soon.

  • Thank you, I have an appointment with the doctor this morning, the pain in my back is so bad, had a terrible night. It feels like I have torn a muscle. Managed to ease the pain between my shoulder blades with magnesium spray, but this pain just below my shoulder at the right side is killing me. So see what doctor says today.

  • Have you asked, if you can be put on a different inhaler, to see if there is any change.

  • Hi ch3838 sorry for delay in reply , internet problems. I have thought about changing to see if it made a difference but tbh I'm scared to, changed once before and enddd up having an attack . When I saw the doctor last Thursday she said I had ripped a muscle in my back , and I can definitely feel I have . So I'm hoping when this heals it will all go away .

  • Hi, sorry to hear that, hopefully ow will get better soon

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