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An epiphanay!

I have got it....I think. 3 years ago I had a strange crackling and couldn't breathe. I thought I was dying. I managed to calm down and breathe okay but still went to the doctors.

The difference was that I had returned from a long flight the night before and arrived home to a house full of bird feathers and bird poop. It had been trapped in my house while I was away.

I have had several other instances of the crackly breathing but always assumed it was a seasonal allergy. I have been away on a Greek island with high winds and I couldn't breathe most of the time, very short of breath.

Im now beginning to think the thing 3 years ago was a triggered attack of something related to a bird allergy and so was the effect of something in the winds at Mykonos/bird feathers etc in the air.

Can Asthma be triggered by birds?

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Yes, when I had allergy tests for my asthma one of them was for duck feathers.

I'm sure others will recommend too but I'd speak to your respiratory nurse/doctor about it & see if they can refer you for allergy tests.


Hi Numberone1

Yes, asthma can be triggered by birds Anyone with asthma, allergies, or any respiratory problem can experience breathing problems from bird feathers, feather dust and bird dander. There's some more information on our website here: bit.ly/2ulwrRb

Hope that helps,



Yes. I am severely allergic to down pillows and duvets. It's annoying when we visit family to find that the pillows are down. I usually only notice when I wake in the night not able to breath! :-(


Interestingly I woke as I often do, during the night. I didn't seem to have a problem with breathing but I thought Id test with my peak flow meter and the level was really low. Im thinking that is why I often have disturbed sleep if this always happens without me realising?


Me, too! I'm just starting to realize that my down pillows are causing a problem. I'm going to have to replace them. For me, though, it's not the feathers, it's the dust mites. I need new pillows and this time with dust mite covers.


Absolutely, any form of animal in fact can be an asthma trigger. It's knowing which 1 or more it is x


Yse it can be triggerd by birds .I know because my dad had an aviary kept about 30 birds i was not allowed any where neer them lol


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