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Asthma or something else?

For the last 3 years I have had a strange crackly, squeaky sound but only some of the time. I kind of thought it was seasonal. My GP didn't think it was Asthma, he arranged various heart tests and it was found I had mild aortic stenosis.

My current doctor is revising the tests. However, I have been on a Greek island recently with high winds and it seemed to create an issue for me...I couldn't breathe alot of the time.

I have now been referred to an Asthma nurse and I am doing a series of peak flow readings. She things I have asthma.

I just don't understand how I have been carrying on for 3 years with my doctor saying I do not have asthma. It was scary when I couldn't breathe.

I am equally worried I am not asking the right questions with regard to the heart valve issues. I am quite breathless alot of the time and have alot of muccus.

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As far as I know a heart problem would / could make you breathless but wouldn't create mucus, however asthma would (it's part of the information process)

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