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Thick nasal mucus in the mornings

For several months, i consume blackmores wholefood multivitamin, magnesium (my tremors become better but it isn't my interested topic), vitamin d3, omega 3, garlic, and drink green tea. I even stopped having added sugar, cheese and milk at all.

I was happy this week after I've found out that I'm not really allergic to milk anymore (i continuously drank milk for 6 days and on 6th day of milk consumption, i just sneezed a little bit). Though I still do have some amount of thick mucus after i wake up in the mornings, but it is just for a very short duration (i have to dispose of them 2-3 times and im set for the day).

My questions:

1. What disease may i be experiencing?

2. What supplements should i focus on for this disease?

3. What should i avoid? And for how long?

I have this mucus /rhinitis issue for a very long time (maybe since i was 5 year old and I'm 30 year old). The reason i asked all these through email is due to the fact that im from a small town in Indonesia. I do not have access to an experienced allergy related doctor.

Many thanks.

Best regards

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Hi Vyrx, sorry to hear about these symptoms. I experienced this one a couple of years ago. First I thought it's sinusitis and started flushing the sinuses with a pot or container, check on the internet about this. I continued doing this for a couple of weeks and after that less and less. There is a link bellow on how to rinse your sinus. The saline water to use for rinsing is a mixture of fine salt and baking soda. Take one tea spoon of salt and put it on a plate and another tea spoon of baking soda and mix it very well. Take half tea spoon of this mixture and mix it with a mug of boiled water ( bring it to room temperature ). Now you have the mixture for the next time when you need it. You rinse you sinus for three days, in the morning and evening. Never rinse it before you go to bed, but before that with one hour earlier.

If you decide not use the Neilmed pot try other such devices found on the internet. But it really helps.

neilmed.com › video

NeilMed Pharmaceuticals - NeilMed Neti Pot & Sinus Rinse Videos

Direction for use & video instructions - Sinus Rinse, NasaFlo Neti Pot, NasaMist, NasoGel, Sinugator, Clearcanal, SinuFlo Ready Rinse, NasaDock, SinuFrin & SinuFrin Plus.

It may be also the fact that you are allergic to draft or dust or other allergens. I usually take prednisolone in that case. When I drive and it's drafty,I never leave two windows open in the same time, I feel my nose gets blocked and throat is painful.By the way I started three weeks ago a cure to boost my immune system with propolise tincture and I feel much better. It's 15 drops in the morning and 15 in the evening mixed up with half mug of milk for 1 month. I do hope to get rid of the colds this year.

Wish you to get well soon.

Have a lovely weekend



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