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Peak flows good but still short of breath

Hi. I had a severe asthma exacerbation that lasted 10 weeks! It is finally under control. Yay! My peak flow is back to normal and no wheezing or rattle. But I am still short of breath sometimes and weak. Has anyone else experienced that? I hate to go back to the doctor when my peak flows are good, but I don't understand why I am still short of breath. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hi, just wanted to say I also suffer from extended exacerbations, it does take some time to get over being poorly for such a long time but as you are still sob I would suggest you go back to your gp. Good luck and I hope your feeling better soon xx


Hi Dinadina,

This is a question that I have raised in the past, and I did get an answer. Apparently peak flow metres only register problems in the major airways, so it is perfectly possible to have inflamed minor airways and have a good peak flow reading. I sympathise with your predicament. You know things aren't right, but your peak flow seems to be saying they are.

There is another cause that I can think of. Silent reflux can cause asthma like symptoms but again it won't impact peak flow readings. I have had that happen to me in the past, but on that occasion there was a pattern that was suggestive of reflux issues: the breathing issues always came on within 30 minutes or so of finishing a meal.

So yes, it is worth going to see your GP. At the very least he/she needs to know that things still aren't right.


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