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Went out for the day sunday & still paying for it coughing - I have allergy asthma (pollen) Feel so sad.

I went out for a whole day (1st day in ages) with family to LEGOLAND on sunday, I was feeling nervous about it as I only manage a few hours outside before I'm affected by the pollen. I followed advice from my respiratory nurse and paced myself. the next day (bank holiday)symptom's worsened & I coughed up mucus all day to a point of nearly taking my emergency steroids. I spoke to respiratory nurse next day & she said to increase my Flixotide to two extra puffs in the middle of the day on top of 4 puffs am & pm.

I am waiting for appointment from Heartlands allergy Hospital but when I rang they told me its going to be January.

Feel so sad that this is how things are, I do wonder whether I've not been vocal enough at appointments but I know I've jumped through hoops of medications to the point of there being nowhere else to go with my respiratory consultant.

Its gone on for 3/4 yrs gradually getting worse & I know I did just put up with it but at my old doctors I felt allergy asthma wasn't understood & feel a bit like that with my old respiratory consultant.

Does anyone else feel like this with allergy asthma?

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Hi. Sorry you're having problems. I have allergy asthma , grass and dust! Difficult to get away from it.

I have good days and bad. I know I shouldn't go out some days like when they were harvesting but I go to work so I suffer for it.

Doctors have given me lots of medication but they think it's nasal polyps which aren't helping.

I feel for you though, I know how you feel and it's wears you down. Pearly


Thanks Pearly,

It's good to know others understand how you feel, my family & friends are pretty understanding but then they get busy and forget you're still where they left you I suppose. I've been going to Pulmonary rehab which ahs been really good for me but tough, I'm hoping to start swimming/join a gym to keep up the good work. also I'll be getting a puppy soon which will help me get out & keep fit also feel less isolated!

Thank you lois :)

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So sorry that you're going through a rough patch.

I hope things improve for you soon.


Thank you Asthma-girl that's thoughtful of you :)


I have had general asthma + allergic ,coughvariant asthma for my whole life(now61). Plus various allergies which make me sneeze etc. Have tried all sorts of things over the years. Lots of them!!

I am now, from about 4 years ago, in good control on Qvar with Montelukast and ventolin as required( 2 / 3 times a week on average) the montelukast is certainly very effective with the allergies and sorts nose and eyes out as well as asthma. I take one just before bed daily. I know some people take it in the morning so it does not affect their sleep. I am aware that for some people Montelukast is not effective.

Different medications suit different people so you need to be happy to try options. I have found it better to only change one thing at a time otherwise it is hard to tell if new medications are good/not so good for you.

E.g. I was put on Montelukast firstfor about three months and then changed my inhaler to Qvar. Montelukast I provd everything and then Qvar help d even more. I also use a salt pipe.

I still have odd bad days but am generally ok.

Not sure if this really helps but is just my experience. We are all different and ,annoyingly(!) there is no one size fits all treatment for asthma.

Hope with time you can sort up your allergic asthma symptons.


Thanks Trggerina, I'm on Montelukast too but doesn't seem to touch the sides with me, did you get Qvar from an allergy hospital or respiratory consultant if you don't mind me asking!


Hope this finds you feeling a bit better.

I was prescribed Qvar by my GP. It is definitely better than regular Beclmetasone. Apparently it has smaller particles which suit some people better. I seem to be one of them.

Over the years I have tried all sorts of things so please don' 't give up....you will get sorted out I am sure .



Thank you Triggerina x


Hi I find my mild copd is treated but not my asthma. They seem to ignore that as not being relevant anymore which I find a bit strange.


Sorry you feel worse after your day out! I've been doing well, but mostly staying in. Yesterday it was hot and sticky outside and the pollen count is very high. I had business errands to take care of and later took my dog on a longer walk. That was not a good thing to do. I have phlegm and shortness of breath today. Guess I'll just have to stay in today. I know what you mean about pacing yourself. If I do too much, my asthma gets worse. I am looking forward to winter. I always feel a little better then. Take it easy for a day or two and then you'll feel right as rain.


Thanks dinadina, I too am looking forward to pollen free days, wish I had a magic wand but I suppose most folk would hate the weather I like!!


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