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Asthma nurses to the rescue!

So after almost going to itu last night the doc on my ward wanted to send me home today. Spent the night on 2 hrly nebs and sats kept dropping to 92/93% despite 5L (?) of o2 all night and so far today my sats are swing between 94-96, 93 if I talk/stand up etc. PF currently just over 50%. Surprised to see the AN as it's a bank holiday but she was like 'yeah you're not going home cause of x,y,z'.

On new antibiotics cause of hospital acquired infection too (happy to say I'm not allergic to them!!!).

Doc (not my consultant) also accused me of not taking my meds at home... I'm an unstable severe asthmatic, meaning my meds don't always work hence the referral to tertiary centre for different meds. Every admittance/a&e attendance had a cause - 3/5 most recent was due to low theophylline levels which they didn't check til the last visit then AN admitted me from outpatients then this infection... just made me feel bad and frustrated 😫. Feel like AN/ward nurses understand better than the actual doctors!

Feeling really appreciative of all the nurses on my team today 😊

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So pleased that your nursing team are very helpful.

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