Did I have an asthma attack?

A bit of background:A year ago I developed a cough, breathlessness and chest tightness. Im on fostair 100/6 due it causing a dry throat I use 1 puff when I wake up, mid afternoon, before bed. I had a course of steroids in July due to increased cough, no wheeze but peak flow 300 norm is 450. I'm under respiratory team at a the hospital.

So to the main reason for my message on Saturday I went to a festival all the people I was with were smoking lots initially I was fine then I started getting my normal scratching feeling in my throat/chest area. I used my salbutamol with no effect, the cough got worse and my chest felt heavy, I also started coughing up lots of phlegm. I left around 21:00 as my chest feeling really uncomfortable, during the night it got worse found it uncomfortable to breathe ended up using my salbutamol 10 puffs in one hour until it eventually took effect. Yesterday morning my peak flow was 350 now its 400. Yesterday I felt exhausted and I still feel really tired today.

Did I have an asthma attack?

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  • Hi - quite possibly, yes you did. Smoke is a definite trigger & your lungs might have reacted to it. In the days before I had good treatment, and there was a ban, I used to always get attacks in pubs. Even now, with a full regime of medication, smoke is a problem.

    If you feel better then that's good, otherwise, if symptoms persist then go & get it checked out.

  • Hi EKLB

    A lot of people tell us that their asthma symptoms get worse during festivals due to exposure of more of your asthma triggers than normal. It's a good idea to go to the GP or asthma nurse to get some support when you're back. If you don't have one already fill in an asthma action plan with them. This will show you what action to take when your symptoms get worse bit.ly/2wl1ECh

    Hope that helps,


  • You'll need to discuss this with your respiratory team. Even in an attack, the blue inhaler - especially if you use the spacer and do it properly - should improve your breathing a bit, even if it doesn't last very long. It is possible that there is a different reason for the problems you experienced, but only the experts can tell you.

  • Thank you, spoke with my GP who has told me to use my increase my fostair to 2 puffs 3 times a day then reduce to 2 puffs twice a day in a few days. I was coughing alot in the night but today Im coughing less and don't ache as much. Thanks for your help 😀

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