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Ok, I was diagnosed with severe asthma a year ago. But now while at asthma clinic I voiced my concern to the nurse stating i was nit convinced i had asthma an told her why. She actually agreed with me an then said I had similar traits to that of cystic fybrocis, now my head is in overdrive. All i want is to see the consultant but dont want to sound stupud when asking for these other tests to be done. Any advice before I go off my head

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You might be better off checking in with the British Lung Foundation forum, as I know there are lots of CF sufferers on there who could share what you'd need to look for. As with Asthma UK, they also have a helpline.


Thankyoy. Its just sometimes you feel people mince with your head


One thing I didn't know until recently is that adults can get Diagnosed with CF. A sweat test, which is very straightforward will give a good indication as to whether you have cf. however, it may be that you have non cystic fibrosis ( Bronchiectasis) which has many of the same features. That can only really be confirmed by a CT scan.

I have always suffered from asthma and terrible chest infections, and used think I might have CF, but I don't. However I was recently diagnosed with Bronchiectasis.

Hopefully you will get an appointment soon



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I'm learning so much from joining this forum! I've often wondered about the thick amount of sticky mucus I get. (Diagnosed with allergies and asthma plus GORD and ME).

What an amazing group of people you are with all the health challenges you face daily. x


Ask for a sweat test. There is also a simple blood test to rule it out. If you are under a tertiary centre they will already have done this. Otherwise do you do pulmonary physio if severe anyway? That should help as a lot of treatment is the same.


I had two CT scans 2 years apart to double check for Bronchiectasis.


What a silly thing to say... worrying you sick! The chances of it are very small. I was tested at the same time as my tests for bronchiectasis and abpa to rule it out.... it came back negative. Now that the nurse has mentioned it get yourself tested to stop the worry... worrying about it can stress ou out and make your symptoms worse. X

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I think my first question would be why did the nurse suggest you might have cystic fibrosis? That would be a good place to start when talking to a doctor about further investigations.


Hi Madoug

Do give the Asthma UK helpline a call. The nurse team have a wide range of experience across respiratory conditions so may be able to advise.

They can be reached on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Hope that helps,



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