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Asthma and DofE expedition


I was diagnosed with asthma in January do not very long ago, however I believe I had very mild asthma for much longer. I am doing my silver DofE expedition soon which involves 3 days walking and 2 nights camping however on the practise expedition I really struggled with my asthma. I'm on ventolin (blue inhaler) whenever I need it and clenil (brown inhaler) 2 puffs morning and night. I'd there anything I could do to possibly help with my asthma so that I'm not struggling to breathe as much as I found I couldn't catch my breath for the whole weekend in the practise.

Thanks in advance

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BlueZebra, I suggest you discuss this with your GP. Best wishes.


Hi there, Congratulations on getting to D of E Silver award! Like last replier, it would be a good idea if you can get to see your GP before the trip.

However here are a few things to think about. Use your Reliever inhaler 2 puffs, about 20 minutes before you start walking for the day, then depending on slope etc, regularly during the day. (every 4 hours, unless you have symptoms, while exercising). Do not wait for symptoms to appear. Also if you are not already doing it use a spacer for your inhalers, this really improves the amount of drug uptake. Aero chamber plus is the smallest, it is light and will fit in your pack. DO NOT BE EMBARRASSED BY THIS, explain why you need to use it to your friends and teachers.

Depending on what your allergy situation is, take non drowsy antihistamine pills, you can get these over the counter, but explain your situation to the pharmacist to make sure you get the best one, not necessarily the cheapest. (Benadryl doesn't work for me)

A steroid nasal is also worth adding in, if you don't use one at present if you are outside constantly this is if allergy/hayfever is an issue for you. You need to start using this about a week before the trip.

Also, if you are not already using it ,Montelukast tablets might be helpful. These can only be obtained on prescription, and you should discuss this with your doctor.

Finally, make sure that you are as fit as you can be before the trip, do some long walks, know that you are in the right shape for the trip. Being unfit and pushing too hard will trigger your asthma. Its all about good preparation. Being really fit will make a big difference.

And lastly, make sure you have a list of your medications and know what to do if you have an asthma attack.

Best of Luck, Well done for doing this. I am an old bag, have had Asthma for 50 years and am still exercising. I will be doing 2018 London Marathon, so you can definitely do DoE Silver.


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Thank you and good luck doing your marathon it shows to people that even though we have asthma we can still do exercise.

My expedition starts on Sunday so unfortunately with it being bank holiday I won't be able to get to the doctors before then. I will follow your advice about the blue inhaler. And even though I use my spacer for my brown inhaler I will also use it for my blue one.

I will also get some over the counter antihistamines.

Thank you very much for your help and if you have any other advice it would be greatly appreciated

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