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Newbie needs help please !!

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Good morning everyone

I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis a couple of years ago, and they said I also had Asthma.

I have recently found out that the Asthma is the main problem, and as it was undiagnosed for many years, it caused the lung damage ( bronch)

I have tried many inhalers with steroids but I continue to get a very sore mouth which I have learned is thrush due to the steroids., I got sick of having to use antibiotics for this problem. One doctor a couple of months ago gave me a new Inhaler, just once in the morning , this seemed to stop the mouth infections which was great - but since then I have developed a permanent cough. I now see an Asthma nurse who is great - she advised a tablet I can take in the evenings, but this has side effects of "nightmares, loss of sleep, stomach probs.....etc.." , so as I am awaiting a Knee operation and on painkillers and anti inflamatory tablets for this , I said I would wait until the op was over then try them. Since then the anaethsatist has advised that I take these but I am worried for the side effects and wondered if anyone had tried them and if they work? He just needs my cough to ease off ( due to the probs with anaesthetic ). Has anyone taken these ( sorry I have forgotten the name of them and I am at work so cant look )

Otherwise, has anyone any other solutions ?

I really hate this condition as I suffer from other problems that stop me walking etc and the breathing is very difficult lately as I dont feel the morning Inhaler does enough ( I do have Ventolin also but that doesnt ease the cough)

Any advice would be muchly appreciated !!

Thanks, Paula

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Hi! Sorry to hear you've had a rough time of it! Sounds like they've suggested montelukast (generic name)/singulair (brand name). I've been on montelukast for a year or 2 now. Only side effect I had was lucid dreams for the initial few months before they faded off. I found I would 'relive' what ever I had been watching on TV before bed but knew I was dreaming so got into the habit of watching comedy pre-bed not game of thrones etc. Otherwise it's been fine with me. I know others however with whom it didn't agree, I can only suggest try it (as it's been suggested) and see how you feel...

Hope that helps x

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Paula1602 in reply to EmmaF91

Oh many thanks for that, yes those are the tablets - also I do tend to watch Game of Thrones before bed, but its the last episode this week so I will go on to something milder !! I am starting on Friday ( as I am testing over weekend when not at work ) - do they help your cough though?

Thanks, Paula

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Paula1602

Initially I think it may have helped my night symptoms (I was waking up to cough a couple of times a night and then I was sleeping through) however not sure how long that lasted... my asthma has changed from 'normal' to 'severe/difficult' slowly since Sept 15, and my body seems to adapt to drugs quite quickly leading to a need of higher doses etc.

Hi Paula1602 hope your ok I've been on montelukast 10 months and would be without them now I very rare cough and brilliant for my dust allergies good luck x

Hi Sarahjane

Many thanks for the reply - I tried montelukast for 5days and felt terrible, my cough got much worse, I had mouth ulcers, I had back ache and headaches - I gave up and contacted my nurse as nothing seems to help me. I just wish I could use inhalers that dont cause mouth infections ! I will see what my nurse says, thanks, Paula

Awwww good luck 👌

Hi I've been on these tablets for about 2 years and never had a problem with them they only annoying thing I was told was to take them literally as I go to sleep as moving around after taking them stops them working (not sure if that's true so if anyone knows if this is true would be great to know ) which Is a bummer if you need a wee 10 mins after taking them try them like I say I've never had a problem but everyone is different :) x

I am in a very similar situation I have brittle asthma uncontrolled I have had 2 intensive care visits in the past 2 years I have the same problems with oral thrush night time symptoms so I take symbicort 200 twice a day i to have ventolin but when I was in intensive care the physiotherapist was amazing she explained to me that I struggle with dry lungs when I have my attacks so she suggested to nebulise distilled water when it is bad which I do and it helps I have also been on montelukast for over a year and I can say I have not had any side effects I am numerous other medications including pain medication as I suffer chronic pain I can only speak as how I find things hope this helps and as for the oral thrush I am under a consultant for mine and I have had it for 2 years and now have scar tissue on my vocal chords so I won't ever get my proper voice back which I have found hard to deal with because I can speak one minute then nothing happens the next but if I had been there earlier maybe they could of sorted the issue quicker I had a biopsy of the thrush done and I am on very high doses of fluconazole pretty much most of the time over past 6 months hope all of this might help and to know your not the only person going through this helps in its self

Hi! I have found that rinsing and gargling with plain water after each puff on the inhaler helps sore mouth and hoarseness. I swallow the rinse water to benefit from residual steroid inhalant. I then clean my teeth, spit but don't rinse (advice from dentist to maximise fluoride effect).

I see that you all know what kind of Ashma you have ! No one has explained why I have this condition so late in life - I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis - Asthma wasnt mentioned initialy !. I know have found out by my Nurse ( who is brilliant) that I have undiagnosed Ashthma which has cause the Bronchiectasis - I dont know what type of Asthma I have - I need to look into this more - 4 years down the line and my condition is much worse than before -maybe I will just chuck all my inhalers etc and see what happens !!!!

I know this may sound like quack medicine, but it's not! If you see you have oral thrush, buy a good probiotic capsule and mix with water and gargle with it three times a day. This has always made my thrush go away. The last time I had just very mild thrush and I had kefir in the house. I drank Kefir and just kind of let it sit in my mouth and throat without rinsing with water and just before bed. The thrush went away again. I hope that works for you!

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