How do Daily Oral Steroids Users defend against increased infection risks?

Doctors often prescribe antibiotics alongside short courses of Oral Steroids because of the increased risk of infection caused by taking steroids.

What do folk who take Oral Steroids 'daily' on a long-term basis do about the increased infection risk - I guess they can't constantly be taking antibiotics everyday too?

Maybe the increased infection risk that steroid use creates varies with the Daily Dosage Strength?

Thanks in advance for any insights / thoughts

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  • I am on long term steroids. I haven't been given anything specific to protect against infections. I have a stomach protection tablet and calcium. Have been told to take vitamin d too. I'm not sure there is much else that they can give. I may be wrong. X

  • Same. Technically not an official daily steroid taker but I end up on high doses for months at a time and am on more than I am off. Stomach protector, vit d and orange juice and cheese (doc and I discussed adcal was on for a time but wanted to cut down on tablets). If I come into contact with sick people I wash and anti-bac hands to play on the safe side. Also have emergency antibiotics at home if I feel I need them...

  • I have been on oral steroids daily since 1991 I mainly try to avoid people - I know this may sound extreme but only go out Tesco, doctors and hospital. Visitors know not to come if they have colds or anything but other than this I can't think of anything else to do

  • Vitamin supplements, tea tree or lavender oil in bath and rubbed on wrists. Antibacterial gel when out and about. Avoid people with colds if possible.

  • My doctor suggested I take a daily multivitamin (which I take at night). In the morning, I take a calcium + vitamin D tablet as well as a high dose of vitamin C. I have two kids so it is difficult.

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