Hi everyone just checking in to c how everyone doing, me dropping the steroids down having a fight with them but got down to 25mg and finding it hard seeing doc on Tuesday I might have to put them up a bit and chest not liking it one bit hope everyone doing ok take care x

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  • I got my steroids down to 20 a fortnight ago, but last week was bad again, so back up to 40mg. Feeling bit better now had some antibiotics, so starting to reduce the steroids again. Unfortunately I got oral thrush again, and only just got rid of that!

  • Wow u done well shame had to go back up good luck on trying again I think going to have to put mine back up seeing doc Tuesday for check up should b interesting fingers crossed for u x

  • Yes, let us know how you get on on Tuesday. The Respiratory Nurse and Physiotherapist are coming on Tuesday to see me and show me how to use an Acapella Mucus clearance device.

  • I have been trying to reduce too. Down to 30mg before lungs have started causing issues and possible infection. Avoiding putting them up if I can. X

  • Fingers crossed u won't have to x

  • Indeed. Has taken quite a bit to get to 30. Due to drop to 25 in a weeks time. Hope the drs can suggest something to ease your chest a little x

  • It's lovely to hear from you. So glad you are doing okay. My chest is not very good at the moment. Just see how it goes before I take steroids. Take care Tracey xxx

  • Good morning Tracey. Been thinking of you. I hope you can sort out the steroids. Take care.

  • Hello Tracey,

    I've been wondering how you are.

    Well done for reducing the steroids.

  • Hi back up to 30mg chest not liking the reducing seeing doc tomorrow got my pre op on Thursday for my operation on my arm to have metal work out on the 4th September so got to make sure the lungs stay healthy so here goes hope u doing ok x

  • Tracye, good to hear from you 😘

  • Struggling tonight with the breathing gain I have put true steroids back to 30 mg but really don't want go back up to 40 seeing doc in morning x what he thinks but need to do something as i'm not coping. Hope I doing ok x

  • Hope your ok. Let us know how you get on. Xx

  • Hi jDoc has now put me on fomoterol inhaler to try and antibiotics thinks I got chest infection peek flow only 220 should b up 400 not feeling great now on my neb

  • I hope it helps. I know how your feeling peak flow also at 220 and on antibiotics. Hope your feeling better soon. X

  • Thanks x

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