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antifungals and asthma


I was diagnosed as having severe asthma last year having struggled for years especially in the summer. I take Seretide and Qvar, Montelukast and often have at least two to four courses of steroids in the summer due to attacks related pollen, heat etc (I also take an antihistamine and a nasal spray). I've been reading recently about anitfungal tablets being used for asthma treatment but there only seems to be one place in the UK that advocates this, David Denning who seems to work at Wythenshawe. My IgE is usually between 200 and 600 and I've been told I don't qualify for Xolair as my FEV1 isn't low enough. Has anyone tried antifungals?

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Hi cccc

I think that if you have aspergillosis allergy Anti fungals may we'll be what's right for you. But you probably need to be tested for this. However you should know that 2 new biologics have been approved for asthma, and as your Ige is so high you may well qualify. One is called mepolizumab, the other, reslizumab. They are apparently very good, and worth seeing if you qualify for them.



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I currently take anti fungal drugs (itraconazole). These are prescribed by my consultant for ABPA/SAFS. The drugs are not being given just for asthma, but, as risabelsays, for people who have additional fungal sensitivities.

The hospital you mention in Wythenshawe (Manchester) is home to a specialist aspergillosis unit, run by Dr. Graham Atherton. He also moderates the Fungal Infection Trust board on HU, & a couple of aspergillosis patient groups on Facebook, so is pretty easy to track down.

The thing is, they won't treat asthma, & are quite toxic in your body, so will only be prescribed for severe cases of fungal infection.

IgE figures are difficult to understand, & different ones mean different things I believe. I get all sorts of numbers thrown at me, & I still have little clue what they mean. However, if they are telling you that you have something like ABPA, then itraconazole would be a likely option.

Are you seeing a consultant? If not, try to get a referral. I know (or at least my consultant tells me) that many GPs don't fully understand what itraconazole does, & it is often left to the specialists to prescribe it.


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