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Hi. I was diagnosed with asthma in 2016 I was put on ventolin evohaler ( blue rescue inhaler) and recently been put on clenil modulite (brown preventer) I feel this has made my asthma worse through out the day and morning and night. Does anyone know what the nurse might do when I go back in 2 weeks? And does anyone know what the pink inhaler is for and why your given it and the same with the blue accuhaler. Thanks

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Hi there. Now, I'll start with my usual caveat here that I'm not a doctor, but I think that the pink one will be Fostair.

Modern asthma treatment has drifted back towards having combined inhalers. When I wor a lad, that was how it worked, but then that approach went out of fashion. Nowadays though, probably due to advances in drugs, a lot of us get inhalers that are a mix of long-term preventer & long-acting bronchodilator (the technical term for a reliever). Your blue one is a short-acting bronchodilator.

If you are reporting that the brown one isn't helping, then I'd expect that they will offer you a different option; possibly with montelukast on an evening. But of course, that's speculative.

More practically, are you taking peak flow readings regularly? If not, make sure you start as that will help you & the medics to understand what works & what doesn't for you.

Finally, you mention 'morning & night'. If you think your symptoms are associated with particular parts of the day, have a good think, as there might be triggers in your environment around then making it worse.

Good luck & let us know how you get on.


What's the Combined inhalers for why are they given to people with asthma and how does it help also so they will give me thr option to start taking a different preventer intead of the brown one? I used to take peak flow readings but I dont bother any more as I feel I can tell when I'm getting I'll and dont need a peak flow to tell me, though I probablyshould to be honest and yes my mum smokes alot that'd my environmental trigger. Thanks for your reply


The combined inhaler (to the best of my knowledge) is designed to give you the preventer you need, whilst at the same time helping keep your airways open.

They might give you a different one, increase your existing dose or add something in, it's difficult to know.

As for your Mum - what can I say? Smoking is a major, major trigger & she would be well advised to talk to a stop smoking service; for her own benefit as well as yours. I'm genuinely sure that will actually help more than any change of medication.

Good luck :)


I hope my nurse does change something though I see her in about 2 weeks so I hope she changes my preventer she wants me to go back in a week or 2 to see how it's going but it's not going good and yes many of people havr told me I woukd benifit from a smoke free house but as people know it's a very addictive thing and woukd be very hard for someone to give up but she is trying she has patches and things that she's uses when I'm having bad days with my asthma and thank you I need the luck lol

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