Brown Inhaler ran out and didn't realise

Hi I'm panicking as my 12 year old son has been using clenil modulite regularly for the past seven years and has never missed a dose. I've just discovered that the canister must have been empty for the past five days when he was using it. I've started him up again on it but I'm panicking about the abrupt stopping, and then the building up again.

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  • We've probably all had times when inhalers have run lower than they should. Once he restarts the brown inhaler, as long as he hasn't become symptomatic then all being well, he probably won't. For the future though, you probably need a reminder system. In my case, I was always a bit obsessive about shaking the cannister to the point that I could near enough tell how many doses were left just by listening to it. But if you prefer to be a bit less OCD than that, then maybe just put a note in a diary/on your smartphone to remind yourself to renew it in however many weeks time, & bring it forward every time you have to increase the dose.

  • Yeah started up a diary system now so all should be well for the future. Just transitioning to my son taking on more responsibility as well so involving him with it as well.

  • I note my doses on my peak flow chart so I know exactly where I am with it.

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